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The all-electric Jaguar prototype only drove 200 miles on a single charge

The Jaguar I-PACE concept will not be available to drivers until the second half of next year, but the all-electric luxury SUV is already showing its impressive reach on the streets of California.

The British automaker simply launched some new images of one of its prototype vehicles making a trip down the west coast of California, showing an impressive range for an all-electric SUV that has not yet reached its final form. The I-PACE transported a potential customer on the approximately 200-mile excursion from LA to San Luis Obispo, and the Jaguar engineer behind the wheel asserted that the EV had plenty of juice left over at the end of the trip.

The I-PACE specifications have not been officially finalized, but the company projects that the luxury SUV will allow the driver more than 220 miles per charge through its 90 kWh battery. The concept version can load up to 80 percent capacity after 90 minutes with a 50 kW DC fast charger, but Jaguar Vehicle Line Director Ian Hoban says the team aims to reduce that time to "a short break "for the final production version.

Jaguar released some more details about the I-PACE test process, which is just reaching its final stages of validation before the final specifications and price are announced in March 2018 and production starts at the second half of next year. The automaker says the strong test fleet of 200 vehicles has recorded more than 1.5 million miles on the highway.

The 200-mile test course is an impressive obstacle to clear before the official launch of the SUV, but it is not yet Tesla-level. The X SUV model, which is the most comparable vehicle currently on the market, varies in the range of 237 to 295 miles per charge, depending on the package.

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