The abrupt closure of Austin Court was for asbestos testing –

The abrupt closure of Austin Court was for asbestos testing


AUSTIN, TX – The sudden emergency closure of the Austin City Court this week was due to the need to test asbestos, city officials confirmed.

The court closed early on Wednesday, November 29 and all day Thursday, November 30, for what the officials said at that time was for the maintenance of the emergency building. Court officials subsequently told reporters that the closure was done to badess the presence of asbestos.

City of Austin spokesman David Green told KXAN that there is no reason to believe that the asbestos-containing material was tampered with during the inspection. But he added that the construction workers disturbed the dust particles when they moved roof tiles. The altered material did not contain asbestos, but the bu was in an area where there might have been asbestos at some point, Green said.

Still, he said there is no reason to believe that asbestos exposure took place, and a contractor is now conducting air quality tests for asbestos.

Used for millennia, asbestos is the leading cause of mesothelioma cancer, according to the website The material is now banned in more than 50 countries, and others have significantly restricted its use.

The website identifies the various types of asbestos:


"Manufacturers used crocidolite, which is also known as blue asbestos, less than other types of asbestos because it does not withstand heat and other forms of the mineral Its fibers are extremely thin, crocidolite is the most harmful type of asbestos. "


" Chrysotile comprises approximately 90 percent of the commercially used asbestos in the world. Long as other types of asbestos, asbestos advocates argue that chrysotile is not as toxic as other types of asbestos, but scientific studies confirm that it causes the same diseases and is extremely dangerous to human health. "


] "Tremolite, commonly found next to talc, vermiculite and chrysotile deposits, is responsible for the contamination of the infamous vermiculite mine in Libby, Montana. A reports that vermiculite, which is a mineral used for a type of insulation, is installed in more than 35 million homes in the US. UU under the Zonolite brand. "


" This mineral has straight fibers and is usually dark in color. Actinolite was commonly combined with vermiculite to make the isolation. It was also used in construction materials such as drywall and paint. "


" Manufacturers did not use anthophyllite as much as other forms of asbestos, and it is not as abundant as other types of minerals. . While it was mostly mined in Finland, there were several mines in North Carolina and Georgia. "


" Considered more toxic than chrysotile, amosite asbestos is found mainly in South Africa. It often appears brown, and its fibers are shorter and straighter than chrysotile fibers. Construction projects preferred amosite over other types. "

The Austin Municipal Court is located at 700 E. 7th St.

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