The 76 VPs of scouting indicate that Daryl More may trade a draft pick

The 2020 NBA Draft is two days away and the Philadelphia 76ers have plenty of options to check in with their pick at 21. They can either make a pick at 21 and bring in a player who needs some development or they can trade a pick for a player to help the player win now.

Daryl More, the new president of basketball operations, has a tendency for players to make any big trades to get rid of draft picks, which can help immediately. He has officially been in Philadelphia for two weeks, and he has a lot of work to do in this short time.

All this can make him a little unpredictable at such a time.

“It’s hard to tell exactly where his head is and how he looks at those five picks,” said VP of Scouting Vince Rosman. “I think I’m happy that our scouting staff was ready and once we got Daryl on board, I think we were able to quickly get him where we were on all these guys. Houston somebody Neither was there, let alone one in the first round, our goal was to catch these people as soon as possible. “

The reason the Houston Rockets had no picks in this draft is that Morey sent his picks to the Minnesota Timberwells in the Robert Covington deal. That means, he can fully trade this 21st pick on Wednesday to bring in a player who can help the sixers immediately.

Especially after dissecting Rosman’s opening quote. It is difficult to tell what Moray is thinking right now. He can come here and is thinking that he has yet to find a boy who can help Ben Simmons and Joel Mbid.

“I think what you need to do is go through every option in any possible scenario, so that you are ready to make the right decision.” “When you’re on the clock or leading in the draft, I think we’re ready to execute one of them, which we see at the moment.”

One thing is certain, it appears that this draft will be very entertaining for the Sixers and their fans. Morey is a guy who will definitely pull some strings and immediately try and improve this roster to take advantage of talent.


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