The 7 wild college football stories of Friday: Jimbo Fisher’s A & M contract takes the lead –

The 7 wild college football stories of Friday: Jimbo Fisher’s A & M contract takes the lead


What are you doing in the next 10 years? Maybe you have a 10-year plan to grow a business or have your life together. I imagine that he would like to earn some money during that period of time. That is fair. But none of us has a 10-year plan like the new Texas A & M coach Jimbo Fisher does now. Not even close.

He leaves the state of Florida after eight years at the helm and the national championship in the trophy cabinet. Leaving one of the most important jobs in the country makes this story impressive enough.

But there's more. Fisher accepted a contract for 10 years and $ 75 million on Friday. If that contract sounds huge, it's because it is. It is a record in the sense of total dollar figure.

What's more, it is reported that is fully guaranteed which means you will receive every penny owed, even if you go 6-6 every year on a more difficult schedule, unless you are fired by some reason outside the field reason.

I mean, imagine getting $ 20,548 per day for 10 years. And you could be bad at what you do and still get it.

– Ben Kercheval (@BenKercheval) December 2, 2017

A & M apparently has more money than God, with its mbadive renovation of the stadium and the highest-ticket sports department of 2016 in college sports. But the contract is still revealing, and sets huge expectations for the Aggies from day 1.

I spoke with an agent on Friday afternoon who expressed great concern within the industry: for a sport that is sustained by the change incremental, Texas A & M just launched a bomb on how salaries are structured at the top level. The game has changed.

Ole Miss finally discovered what her NCAA fate would be.

Through an investigative process that began about five years ago, the rebels got their NCAA sanctions. These are the penalties:

Additional year of prohibition of bowls (2018).

Due to that total ban of two-year bowls, the NCAA rules give Ole Miss seniors the freedom to move to another location without missing a season. [19659012] Probation running concurrently with current probation for a total of four years.

Financial sanctions, added to the self-imposed sanctions, and for a total of $ 179,000.

A total reduction of scholarships of 13 over a period of years. That is in addition to the 11 years in the last four years that Ole Miss won, which already meant three or four fewer scholars per year.

All coaches named in the NCAA investigation have received a show-cause (essentially a black ball from the NCAA for a period of time) of different lengths. That does not include new head coach Matt Luke, who was not named. Former head coach Hugh Freeze would receive a suspension of two games if he is hired elsewhere. The cause of the show by former badistant David Saunders lasts eight years. Former staff member Barney Farrar faces five.

Ole Miss says she will appeal "forcefully" to the prohibition of the bowl, so this saga is not over.

And when this news broke, it was totally eclipsed by Tennessee.

Tennessee had Mike Leach quite close to being his head coach.

After nearly a dozen reported cases of Vols approaching a single candidate for coach, AD John Currie went to Los Angeles to meet with Leach of Washington State, and the meeting came out "very well", according to Sports Illustrated The report went on to say that there was mutual interest on the part of Leach.

But there was something else swirling inside the Vols sports program from the botched hiring of Greg Schiano earlier this week. People have not been happy with Currie.

That came to a head on Friday.

Tennessee had a coup that ended with Phillip Fulmer as the new sporting director.

Former head coach Fulmer is again in charge after basically executing an insurgency that ended with the now ex-ex-John Currie overthrown.

Fulmer was 151-52-1 in 17 seasons in Knoxville, winning a national championship in the 1998 season. Solo [Robert] Neyland, who won 173 games between 1926 and 1952, won more soccer games leading the way. Vols. Fulmer left his job, allegedly under pressure, after the 2008 season. He still appears in the Tennessee games and was College GameDay guest coach (choosing the Vols) before the 2016 game against Florida.

Somehow, this guy wins the draw which is the game of thrones of Knoxville.

  Tennessee Volunteers v South Carolina Gamebads

Photo by Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

Remember that Fulmer was not well considered when he was expelled in 2008, but time heals all wounds, and at least there is a Vol to drive the bus, wherever it goes.

The Willie Taggart watch starts in Tallahbadee, and Oregon's work could open soon.

Do you have any idea of ​​what a coaching search is like for the state of Florida? If you do, then I think 1978 was a fun time, because that was the last time the school had one. The fan base has its eyes fixed on Oregon coach Willie Taggart.

Born in Bradenton, Florida, Taggart began his coaching career where he played QB: Western Kentucky. He turned that program over after only the first of his three seasons and then returned to South Florida, where he posted a total of wins of 2, 4, 8 and 10 (in that order) from 2013 to 2016 before being hired by Oregon . Taggart is 5-1 with his starting QB this year, and 1-4 without. He is an excellent recruiter who could seriously revitalize FSU's fortune in the Tampa area.

Taggart said before the practice on Friday that he would not address any of the rumors, but they will certainly persist.

About an hour before the FSU was released, Jimbo's Christmas tree became an instant meme.

On any other day, a bowl that gave itself a name of six words would have elicited jokes from college football fans for hours.

You have not heard of Cheribundi either.

Everyone forgot a Power 5 title game right after all this.

Oh, yes, we also played real American football on Friday. The title game Pac-12 was actually something that happened. It provided a wonderful symmetry to relax the day. USC beat Stanford, 31-28, to win their first Pac-12 title since 2008.

Another thing that was happening in 2008?

This guy was the Tennessee Volunteers trainer:

  Tennessee v Vanderbilt "data-chorus-optimize-field =" main_image "data-cid =" site / dynamic_size_image-1512217688_7738_232500 "data-cdata =" {"badet_id" : 9793987, "ratio": "*"}

Photo by Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

A difficult day for trees and a wild day for college football comes to an end , with the title of the conference on Saturday, the Sunday of the selection, and many more news of Vols still to be covered.

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