The 5 Biggest Announcements From Sony’s Paris Games Week 2017 Conference


Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Reveal

The 5 Biggest Announcements from Sony’s Paris Games Week 2017 Conference

Less than two months after Destiny 2’s hugely successful launch, Sony’s Paris Games Week conference showcased the first official look at its expansion, Curse of Osiris. The name will have a familiar ring to those that played the Crucible event, Trials of Osiris, from the original game. For those not in the know, Osiris is a Warlock formerly of the Vanguard who was driven to insanity by an obsession to learn more about the nature of the Darkness. Destiny lore has long hinted at a more detailed exploration of Osiris’ backstory, and therefore fans have expected him to take center stage in a campaign for some time. A leak via the Xbox Store also pointed toward that being the case, and now we have our confirmation.

The expansion will arrive on all platforms Dec. 5, focusing on a Vex invasion of Mercury, with players encountering the Warlock, Osiris. Along with new story missions, it’s fair to presume that the expansion will feature new loot, activities, a new planet to explore, as well as likely boosting the level cap.

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