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The 2020 Porsche 911 looks the same but is much faster

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The long-standing joke is that Porsche never really changes the 911, and they all look the same. Certainly, some visual signs are preserved with each generation, and it has always been a four-seater with the engine hung back and bulging fenders. But this new Porsche 911 of 2020, called 992 by cognoscenti, seems so similar to the current 991 that I'm not entirely positive. Porsche is not performing a large-scale gas lighting operation.

The 911 of the 992 generation, launched tonight as the Carrera S and Carrera 4S models, has some notable differences with respect to the outgoing model, with the rear fascia showing brake lights moved higher in the car.

In the front, you'll see a hood with sharp corners, reminiscent of the G 911 series of the 70s and 80s. It looks a bit unfinished, and it's not good. However, the worst part could be the central high mount brake light in the center of the engine cover grille. It seems like a last minute idea.

So, what is good?

The new engine is a development of the old engine with an "improved injection system", as well as optimized turbochargers and intercoolers, for a solid power of 443 horsepower. That's above the 420 of the current Carrera S model. A manual transmission will be offered later, as the new 911 will be launched with a new dual-clutch PDK 8-speed box.

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When equipped with the Sport Chrono package with overboost and PDK, the 911 Carrera 4S with four-wheel drive will accelerate from 0 to 60 in a fast 3.2 seconds, several tenths faster than the model you can buy in the showrooms now same.

Porsche has made it clear that he wants the 911 to be an accessible car to drive in all conditions for all people. As a result, the new car is available with a high tech wet mode, which uses sensors on the mudguards to detect water conditions on the road surface and, as a result, change the vehicle's outputs. Night vision assistance, available in Cayenne and Panamera, is now also optional for your 911. The new car also adds an adaptive cruise with stopping and running functionality.

Looking inside the car, it looks like a really nice place to sit in a full range of the fuel tank at highway speeds, so with an 8-speed gearbox and a more efficient engine it could be quite a long distance. The 911 continues its steady march to Grand Tourer status with luggage space behind the rear seats, and holds the fucking phone, is that a really functional cup holder in the center console?

With two giant screens flanking a tachometer mounted in the center, the 911 screen is a modern version of a vintage theme. Launch the huge central screen and you will have a more sporty version of the interior that is found in the Cayenne and the Panamera. Fortunately, however, the mass of the central button seems to have real commutations instead of the tactile buttons of its companions.

The PDK gear lever is bad. I hope the manual shift lever looks more in line with the rest of the car.

The S Race will start at $ 113,200, while the C4S will start at $ 120,600. This constitutes a price increase of more than $ 8,000 over the current model. You can contact your Porsche dealer to place an order now, but do not expect to receive it until next summer.

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