The 2019 PIttsburgh Steelers calendar was unveiled, will open Sunday night at Patriots

We already knew who Steelers would face each other In the 2019 season of the NFL. Now we know when and where these clashes will take place. The NFL released the full calendars for the 32 teams, adding to some previous leaks that revealed the Steelers vs. first game. Patriots Sunday Night Football on NBC and more.

The Steelers will open against the Patriots on September 8 in Foxborough, Mbadachusetts. Yes, the Patriots will have their Super Bowl LIII card with the Steelers in the city. That should add a little extra motivation, huh?

That is not the only game that was leaked today. By San Jose Mercury NewsThe Steelers will travel to San Francisco for week 3. That will be the first home game for the 49ers, a showdown confirmed tonight by the NFL.

By New York Daily News, the game of the Steelers in New York against the Jets will be in week 16. That game will feature the participation of the Steelers against the previous star. Le & # 39; Veon Bell. That game was also confirmed when the full calendar was released tonight:

Full schedule of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2019 – DALI KOVACEVIC / DKPS

If you prefer a breakdown in the style of Mr. Rogers instead of reading a list, the official Twitter of the Steelers has it covered:

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Let's go to the Make-Believe neighborhood for our 2019 calendar …

– Pittsburgh Steelers (@steelers) April 18, 2019

Hunter's view

That's exciting. The Steelers beat the Patriots, 17-10Last season, in the Heinz field, he provoked intense optimism in Steel City. The team finally beat the Patriots. Surely, they can make a career, right?

No The Steelers finally missed the playoffs, while the Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl, tying them with the Steelers for the most part for a franchise in NFL history. And now, two Super Bowl-winning franchises will meet in their first game for the first time in history.

In doing so, the NFL has deviated from its normal structure for Week 1. Recently, the Super Bowl winner of the previous year faced another opponent in the conference during the Start Game on Thursday night of the season. Last season, it was a rematch of the NFC Divisional Division between the Eagles and the Super Bowl-winning Falcons. This year, however, the Patriots will not play on Thursday night and will not face an opponent at the conference that made the playoffs the previous year.

But this pairing is juicy every year. The ratings are always fantastic. With the implosion and drama of the offseason of the Steelers that contrast with the continued success of the Patriots, this is a must-see showdown for football fans around the world. This is a phenomenal schedule to kick off the season.

Then you have a season finale against the Ravens in Baltimore with the playoffs potentially on the line. Even better for Steelers fans, two of the NFC West's toughest games, the Seahawks and the Rams, will come home.

Prediction: 11-5, wins the AFC North, loses the AFC Championship to the Chiefs

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