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The 2018 NFL Draft has the 15 best moments so far

The NFL Draft is a serious matter, but it's not all serious . Silly and moving things happen everywhere, too. We are not only seeing names filling spreadsheets. We are also seeing that the dreams are fulfilled, that the millionaires are coined and that they are renewed (briefly).

So here is a running account of the silly, weird moments and very good of the 2018 NFL Draft, updated during the seven rounds. Click here to see all the selections and things.

1. Pick No. 1 Baker Mayfield owned everything before it even started.

The new Cleveland QB recreated Brett Favre's legendary night drafts, T-shirts in the background and even upgraded the mobile phone in some way plus vintage.

2. Companion Brown Denzel Ward set the tone of the uniforms.

We've seen these in the NBA Draft before, so it's time for football to catch up.

3. The legendary legend of Lamar Jackson's suit and shirt have small UFOs on it. QB1.

4. Rashaan Evans of the Titans is their winner of the music walk-up.

For the input music, the Alabama LB chose "Finally Rich" by Chief Keef, a song about being finally rich. All the players selected in this event are finally rich.

Here is the playlist of other options, with Josh Allen to blame for all Bon Jovi.

5. The giants choose Saquon Barkley: the general champion of the weekend.

The main runner is also a new father:

And somehow Odell Beckham Jr. tipped New York about an hour earlier, through an Instagram tag?

6. The first round of Bucs Vita Vea already has its first purchase in play.

The great family of Washington DT has gone through many things, but soon it will be able to change everything:

Vita's parents worked for what they have. They do not complain or ask for brochures.

"We survive," said Sione.

However, as the focus of the NFL and the first round contract, his youngest son still wants to give.

"The" What I do know is that I will get a house for my mother, I will make sure that my parents are comfortable with their life situations, "Vea said." That is a guarantee. "

7. Best weekend announcement for the guests probably took place during the first round.

The third day will be full of animals and other extravagances, bring back the orangutan, IMO, but the first round of the Broncos will be much more significant.

Austin Denton, a 17-year-old survivor of cancer, was honored to elect DE Bradley Chubb.

8. The guard of Notre Dame, the father of Quenton Nelson, secured the game of the hat, no matter what. (The Colts made the selection.)

9. Virginia Tech supporter, Tremaine Edwards, taken by the Bills, is EIGHTEEN YEARS.

10. New Packers DB Jaire Alexander completely forgot about his own media as soon as the Ravens chose their compatriot Louisville Cardinal Lamar Jackson.

In other news from Jaire, there were tons of fans delighted with Packers in Twitter from SBNationCFB mentioned discover / enjoy this GIF of him capering against Wake Forest:

11. Tremaine and Terrell Edmunds became the first brothers recruited together in the same round.

Terrell went to the Steelers.

"It's a blessing to my family, it's a blessing to my city, it's a blessing to my school," Terrell said in an interview on ESPN after being elected. "I am grateful to all those who have supported us along the way"

12. Ryan Shazier took the stage to announce the Steelers' first-round selection.

He suffered a horrible spinal injury in December and spent time confined to a wheelchair. In recent weeks, he has appeared in a handful of events, including NCAA tournament basketball games and hockey games in Pittsburgh. He was also honorary captain in the spring game of the State of Ohio in early March

13. Nate Burleson delivered a grand speech to announce the second-round election of the Detroit Lions.

It was for "for the 'non-free days, bucket pack for lunch, hard hat that wore the blue hands that helped build the people of Detroit from this country & # 39;

14. The Eagles had kicker David Akers to announce his second-round pick, a tight end called Dallas.

Akers was screaming literally all the time, and it was beautiful:

Some more reasons why this election is incredible: [19659038] 1. They changed to pick a place ahead of the Cowboys.

That's a shame for the Cowboys, the Eagles were sitting at No. 52, and they moved some selections to jump to No. 49, a place by in front of Dallas.

2. They did this on the same day they all found out Jason Witten retired.

Witten has been a stellar tight end for the Cowboys for a decade and a half. of retirement left the field, the Cowboys need a new closed, because Witten goes to the post Monday Night Football . Maybe Goedert was supposed to be that guy.

3. The draft is at Dallas.

4. The name of the closed wing is literally Dallas.

15. The Browns recruited one of Rick Ross' producers.

Thomas, whose producer name is "Major Nine," produced "Apple of My Eye" by Rick Ross, the opening song on Rather You Than Me from 2017 .

More to come!

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