The 17,000-page charge sheet only names anti-CAA Protesters

In February this year, 53 people were killed, 200 injured and hundreds homeless in the Delhi riots.


  • Communal violence on citizenship law took place through Delhi in February
  • Comprehensive police chargesheet blames only a group of people
  • The protests against the CAA were undemocratic, designed to incite violence

new Delhi:

All the fifteen people associated with the protests against the Centre’s controversial new citizenship law and none of the campaigns in its favor have been named by the police in a major charge sheet filed in connection with the Delhi riots, which in February this year has been directed by the capital. Took place in Delhi. More than 50 people died and property worth crores was damaged.

The 17,500-page filing in two steel trunks contained more than 2,600 pages, including allegations against the accused and thousands of pages of details. The charges include under the Tough Anti-Terrorist Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

Those suspended include AAP Councilor Tahir Hussain and several student activists. The police also said that their investigation into the case is on and it is expected to file a supplementary charge sheet against the accused, who have not yet been named.

Police were in direct contact with foot soldiers as a result of the riots in north east Delhi in February, police told the court, two WhatsApp groups were used to engineer in riots in Seelampur and Zafarabad, some of which were the most The violence was bad.

Police said, “The students covered a distance of about 20 km to participate in the protests.”

“This was not a democratic protest from the beginning. The protest was started to incite violence,” police told the court, marking the obstacles as a “flywheel jam” or undemocratic method of protest and of inciting violence. Intended to

Communal violence over the Centre’s controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was widely discriminated against in groups supporting and opposing legislation promising citizenship to non-Muslim refugees from three neighboring countries in Delhi.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi held meetings with US President Donald Trump just a few kilometers away, violence erupted in parts of the city, sparking widespread clashes, arson and stone-pelting that left 53 people dead, at least 200 injured and hundreds more Became homeless

The Delhi Police, which reports to the central government and its role during the riots is also under scrutiny, has been criticized for arresting only members associated with one side of the skirmish, claiming that policemen were actively Were seen helping the other side. riot.

Those arrested in the case include leftist student activists and Tahir Hussain, who opposed the CAA, while those not arrested also included BJP’s Kapil Mishra, who appears in the video standing next to a policeman And are threatening to “take to the streets” of protesters. not cleared.