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The 15 best extensions of & # 39; New tab & # 39; for fans of Google Chrome

Screenshot: David Murphy
Week of awakeningThis week, we are seeing what it really means to have the "perfect" morning, whether you start the day as a Silicon Valley CEO of Soylent-chugging, or when getting out of bed and out the door. Get up and shine.

You wake up. Lift your laptop or sit in front of your desk with your delicious coffee nearby. Once your system loads, load Google Chrome and think how nice it will be to get rid of all those tabs open some day. Open a new tab anyway and start your morning content ritual.

While we can resolve your compulsions with lashes, and even your fatigue, I think it's important to bring a little Kondo joy to an unattended part of your morning ritual: the new tab window of your browser.

Think about it. You probably look at that ugly screen full of search boxes more than any other website, since that's the first thing you see when you try to navigate somewhere else. There is nothing against the Chrome search box, nor your quick list of sites you frequent, but you can do better. Here are some of our favorite "new tab" extensions:


We've talked about Toby before, and it's still a great way to organize all those open and ugly tabs into the content of a single screen. Better yet, you can synchronize this new page of tabs in all instances of your browser, if you register with the Toby service, that is.

View of the Earth from Google Earth

The premise of this extension is simple: you can daydream about new locations to visit without having to leave your desk. And even if you do not intend to travel to a distant island or a snowy landscape (all possibilities, extracted from Google Earth and slapped directly on your "new tab" page), you can download any favorite that appears to see it repeatedly. . Or simply trust that the destination (in the form of a new random image every time you load a new tab) will bring it back together.

Google Arts and Culture

If you prefer to have a new work of art to look at in beautiful places, the Google Arts & Culture extension is like a museum pass for your browser. The same offer as Earth Earth from Google Earth: every time you open a browser tab, you receive a new painting, although you can also configure the extension to a "daily" update if you want more time to appreciate a work.

New eyelash eraser

This is easy. Your "new tab" page becomes a giant notebook when you install the New Tab Draft extension. However, everything you write will be saved between browser sessions, which is great for privacy, but not so much if you're jumping frequently between desktops and laptops. Even so, it is better to have to open a separate application to write your thoughts.


If you are in a place where you need to memorize a lot of facts and figures: you are a student, an actor or you are trying to review your Star Wars Lore, then FlashTabs is an excellent way to get tested. Open a new tab; get a new flashcard You can even qualify particular cards according to their difficulty, if you know you need to see some that are missing more often than others.

Markdown New tab

Similar to the New Tab Draft extension, Markdown New Tab allows you to take and save notes every time you open a new tab. And what you write also persists through browser sessions. Unlike New Tab Draft, Markdown New Tab, as you can probably guess, allows you to format your thoughts with the Markdown syntax, which is always worth teaching yourself. (You could even leave notes in the Markdown syntax in Markdown New Tab, if you really want to get meta.)


Another of Lifehacker's favorites, the Momentum extension transforms the "new tab" page of your boring page into a wealth of information and inspiration. It is not messy, especially because you can activate and deactivate the different parts of your experience at will. This includes: a button to unwind dedicated links, your bookmarks bar (in case you do not want it in your default browser window), a search box, your local climate, a way to enter what you are focusing on today , an inspirational quote, and a to-do list. You even get a beautiful new photo to look at every day, too.

Alternatively, you can also try reviewing Leoh New Tab, which adopts the same approach, but with a slightly different style (and widgets).


You get a new feline friend in each tab you open, and you can even find some rare ones too! Tabby Cat is one of the best "new tab" extensions in history. End of story. (You can also buy other cute animals, such as dogs, birds and bears, for only $ 1 each, in case your pet's allegiances are elsewhere).

File for a cause

Nobody likes advertising, I understand. Install the Tab for a Cause extension, and you'll get a page similar to Momentum with some widgets, time and a beautiful photo to see. You'll also get some banner ads, but these are not aligning the pocket of some developer of entrepreneurial extensions somewhere. Instead, the proceeds go to a charity that you can choose from. Every little bit helps!

Speed ​​dial 2

This is simple, but maybe that's all you need. With the Speed ​​Dial 2 extension, you can place large, thick buttons that represent your favorite websites on your "new tab" page. If you have a handful of sites that you check regularly, at least it will save you a little time to write them in the Chrome address bar or click on a bookmark in your toolbar.

If you want to get fancy, you can also use a sidebar to show tabs, apps and their recently closed bookmarks. Your applications can also live in a special bottom bar, for easy access.

Unsplash Instant

Open a new tab, get a new and free Unsplash photo to start. Open another tab, get another photo. That's Unsplash Instant: a simple, clean and artistic Chrome extension that brings your "new tab" page to life without any additional clutter mess.


Screenshot: David Murphy (Initab)

If you are a developer or an advanced user, you may want to check Initab. This extension overloads your "new tab" page with data, including popular posts from your favorite subreddits, problems with github and pull requests, and the recent stack overflow history, to name a few elements. I especially like the "relevant history" section, which shows only fragments of your browser history that match particular keywords.


This is peculiar, but fun. You and your colleagues must register with Sametab using the email addresses of your company. And when you do, you'll see the same "new tab" page in each instance, an excellent way to send announcements or provide useful resources for everyone at work.

At present

If you only care about weather and / or weather, you are currently here to meet that need. This extension of the browser places those two useful data, and only that, in each new tab that opens. It's a simple implementation, but it looks very good.

New blank tab

You, nihilist, you. The New Blank Tab page does exactly that: it gives you absolutely nothing to look at. There is no search box. There is no list of websites. There is no time. There is no beautiful photo. Nothing. Sometimes, we all need a bit of peace and tranquility.

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