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2018 felt like a turning point for this age of video games. Undoubtedly, we are closer to the next generation of videogame consoles than to the latter, and there is a possibility that 2018 will be the last year before the PS4 and the Xbox One begin to shrink as developers develop. They open up to new platforms. But the good news is that, with more than five years of experience, studios can take these consoles to their limits.

In 2013, when the PS4 and Xbox One were released, we could only dream of games like Spiderman, God of Warand even Sea of ​​thieves existing. But this generation may well have taken a look in 2018, and since you do not know what 2019 will look like, it's worth taking a step back and appreciating it.

Resignation: The list you are about to read is not exhaustive, nor is it objective. This is a subjective version of the best games of 2018 (which I also did in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017). The games that you loved will not be here. The games you despised will be highly clbadified. But this is my list, and I stick to it.

10. Dandara

Image source: Long Hat House

I appreciate when a game pulls me out of my comfort zone, but I often do not look for those games, as was the case Dandara, that seemed to fall in my lap at the beginning of the year. One of several 2D platforms in this list, Dandara it is the only one with a new system of travel, which forces the player to bounce from one platform to the next, staying when they land. There are no races or jumps in this unique title.

I'm not sure why Dandara I stayed with me all this time, but the distinctive transverse mechanics have always thrilled me. Exclusive Xbox One Overdrive at sunset it comes to mind. There's just something about having to rewire your brain to do something you've never done before, which can turn a good game into a great game.

This is also the first complete game of the Brazilian developer Long Hat House, and if Dandara is the floor for what this team can create, I can not wait to see what comes next, no matter how late.

9. Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Image source: SIE Japan Studio

For the second consecutive year, a virtual reality game (specifically a PlayStation VR game) has reached my list of the 10 best, but Rescue mission Astro Bot maybe it's even more deserving than last year's entry (do not remove from Far point). I had my doubts when I started seeing people online refer to Astro Bot As the Super Mario 64 VR ", which implies that this could really indicate a paradigm shift for the platform, but the hype was well deserved.

From the moment I took my first step towards Astro Bot Colorful worlds, I had to readjust my expectations. The most valuable virtual reality titles are the unique ideas executed incredibly well or the games that stand out only by the support of virtual reality. Astro Bot It is none. While it would be a perfectly competent platform game without VR, the extra dimension accentuates the experience to such an extent that I would never want to play outside of VR.

Existing within these vivid, kinetic and joyful worlds, while guiding my faithful robot companion through a series of increasingly difficult platform challenges, was one of the highlights of my game year, and I am hopeful that what Rescue mission Astro Bot It's just the beginning of a wave of high-quality virtual reality titles.

8. Gray

Image source: Nomada Studio

Gray It was the last game I finished in 2018, and I could not have asked for a better cleanser to close the year. In addition to using an impeccable and irresistible style of art, Gray weaves a minimalist narrative that promises to keep you involved from beginning to end. And while it might be the least challenging game on this list, it knows when to push the player to find their own way and when to hold their hand and guide them forward.

After spending dozens of hours fighting against some opponents frustrating frustratingly in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Gray It was a perfectly timed postponement. I never got stuck or lost for more than a moment, and it was all an impulse: to use the new powers I had gained to reach a new area and explore more in this picturesque world.

While there is a part of me that wants the experience to have lasted a little longer, I definitely finished the main story of Gray Long before I got tired of that. Also, no matter how long it lasted, I was always going to abandon the pictorial landscapes of Gray wanting more, so instead of complaining, I'll just play it again.

7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Image source: Nintendo

After dominating last year's list, the Switch only makes an appearance in 2019 with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Not only was it one of the only highly successful Switch games that was released this year, but we had to wait until the end of the year to play it, as it did not arrive until December 7. Fortunately, it was worth the wait.

With more than 70 characters, 100 stages, a story mode of more than 20 hours and an online pairing that actually seems to work, this is one of the games with the most appropriate name of 2018. If you want to collect everything, you have friends with whom to play and care. about your online ranking, you could end up spending countless hours with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the years to come. There is so much here that it is almost overwhelming.

I've played all the Smash Bros. games extensively, from the beginning to the original N64, but this is the first time since the GameCube Confused fight I've felt comfortable naming a new best game in the franchise.

6. Red Dead Redemption 2

Image source: Rockstar games

Red Dead Redemption 2 It is undoubtedly one of the most impressive achievements in the history of video games. No other virtual world feels alive, from the sweeping landscapes to the bustling cities and the perfect voice that acts up to the unparalleled attention to detail. Its slow pace forces you to delve into its world and, as accustomed as we have become frenetic and hyperactive shooters, you will appreciate Rockstar's more relaxed take.

Like many other players, I was not always sure if I was really having fun while playing Red Dead 2, but your world and its plot are sufficiently intoxicating to come back for more, even when you're getting tired of walking the same dirt roads again and again in your faithful steed.

With a more modern control scheme and a more precise narrative, I think Red Dead 2 may have been the Defining the game of generation. Instead, you will simply have to settle for being a definition game, and one that will undoubtedly improve over time as Rockstar continues to add content to Red Dead Online in the years to come.

5. Marvel's spider man.

Source of the image: Insomnia games

I've been waiting for a worthy successor Spider-Man 2 for more than a decade. In 2018, Insomniac Games are delivered. Marvel's Spider-Man is not only the best Spider-Man game ever created, but also the best superhero game, the best New York representation that has ever appeared in a video game, and one of the only PS4 games that I see that I return. for the next few years (unless Insomniac comes out with a sequel before that date).

Honestly, I would probably have been satisfied if the developer had nailed the balancing mechanics. If this were just an empty sandbox where I could turn around like Spider-Man, it would still have been one of my favorite games of the year. But the deep combat system, the villain gallery of the rogue and the best story of Spider-Man (outside of In the verse of the spider) that we have seen in years puts this adventure of world open to rarefied air.

4. Killer Creed Odyssey

Image source: Ubisoft

I played fragments of each main line. Assbadin's Creed game made, but none has captivated me in the same way that Assbadin Creed Odyssey I did it in 2018. This is, without a doubt, the new watermark for the series and, despite having spent dozens of hours in this impressive recreation of ancient Greece in recent months, I plan to return to the larger world from Ubisoft, although often throughout the 2019 content is added.

While it does not have much in common with the clbadic Assbadin's Creed games, Odyssey is, by far, the fastest and most kinetic game that any of the Assbadin's Creed teams have created, with a fluid and entertaining combat system that takes all the best elements of origins (leaving behind the worst bits).

In addition, Kbadandra is the most convincing killer to date, with a captivating back story, a complicated family and an incredibly active love life. I could spend another 50 hours in the Odyssey world and I still would not see everything the game has to offer … but that is a challenge that I am willing to take on.

3. god of war

As amazing as Red Dead Redemption 2 It was from a technical point of view, God of War I could have been even more impressed by perfectly re-starting one of the most iconic PlayStation franchises of the last two decades, while considering the mistakes and mistakes that its creators made the first time.

God of War is somehow a moving story about fatherhood and an expanding adventure of epic proportions. It is also a completely different game from its predecessors, with a new combat system, added role-playing mechanics, a different perspective and a protagonist who wants nothing more than to live in peace with his family.

But the universe has more in store for Kratos, and what follows is my exclusive favorite PS4 to date. Going through the realms with Kratos' son, Atreus, it was just as exciting and challenging, and I can not wait to see where the franchise is headed. If only the restart of each video game could be so good.

2. celestial

I do everything I can to avoid hyperbole when I talk about my favorite games every year, but Light blue It is close to a perfect game. What I mean by this is that every element of this 2D platform game (the third on this list) is sublime. Art, music, history and, most importantly, the gameplay. They all hit the mark.

But (like all the games on this list) if it was not fun to play, it would not matter. Y Light blue It's exceptionally fun, offering such a balanced challenge that I never got frustrated, even when it took me more than a dozen attempts to complete a single room. And that's another thing that Light blue it has been perfected: uniting a cohesive world while limiting platform challenges to singular rooms. You will never have to restart a full level if you fail (and there are some brilliant accessibility options for those who need additional badistance).

If I had to recommend a game on this list to anyone, I think it would be Light blue. Not many games can balance a moving and meaningful story about mental health with some of the narrowest and most exciting games of the generation, but achieving that balance is just one of From celeste Many impressive feats.

1. Monster Hunter: World

Image source: Capcom

Choosing the ten best games of 2018 was not as difficult as I expected, but the closer I got to the top of my list, the more trouble I had to decide which game deserved to be number one. Virtually any of the four main games could have been promoted to this coveted position, and I would have felt satisfied, but the more I thought about it, I began to realize that I spent more time with a game than with most other games combined.

Monster Hunter: World it is the first one Monster hunter game that I've spent a lot of time with, and while none of the other entries was able to hook me, World He dug his claws deep. Few games that require so much investment and that offer this depth include how to accelerate the experience so that players have time to learn the mechanics and decide with the style of game that best suits them. But World make.

Very similar Transmitted by blood or Dark soulsI could feel myself improving as I progressed in the game. Where I once fought to get to the last leg of the Nergigante fight (one of the most difficult monsters before the game), now I'm more worried about how fast I can beat it than if I can do it.

Trying to keep up with all the major new releases throughout the year can be a difficult task, and I rarely have time to return to open games like this as the months go by, but Monster Hunter: World It is one of the few games that drags me back month after month. For that alone, it has to be my game of the year.

While these were my ten favorite games of the year, I played dozens of incredible games that I enjoyed in 2018, as Hitman 2, Far Cry 5, Donut County, An exitY Detroit: Become a Humanorth, who had one of the best voice acting performances of the year (outside Red Dead Redemption 2) by Valorie Curry.

Feel free to delete me by my list below, or share your own list and see if we have overlapped.

Image source: Capcom / BGR

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