That Shocking & Agents Of SHIELD & # 39; Season 5 Premiere Cliffhanger is finally explained


Below, spoilers of Agents of SHIELD are shown at their premiere of season two of two seasons. So, guys. Whoa We have to talk about that Agents of SHIELD premiere. After seven long months of waiting to know exactly what happened with Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) and company, and the ABC Marvel series definitely did not disappoint, finally handing out some real answers … while we left with so many more questions.

After revealing at the end of season 4 that Coulson and his team were frozen in time and kidnapped from their dinner just to wake up in space, the fans were left with their mouths open on the ground for a super hiatus. extended. Why was Coulson in space? Why did he seem so immutable when he saw floating astroids outside his window? Why would he "go to work" and who else on the team was with him? The answers would not come until the premiere of two parts of season 5, "Orientation", and oh boy! "


Not only were Coulson, Daisy (Chloe Bennet), May (Ming-Na Wen), Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge), Mack (Henry Simmons) and Yo-Yo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) trapped in the space in a mysterious spaceship where Kree enslaved the humans, but they quickly realized, to their complete horror and confusion, that they too were in the future. post-apocalyptic future. Outside the Space Station Lighthouse floated the crumbling remains of planet Earth, and as Daisy discovered after accidentally dropping into another version of the Framework with the Lighthouse Deke swindler (Jeff Ward), the destruction of the world was somehow her fault. "The world completely almost 100 years ago."

As for the missing member of his team, the opening scene of the two-hour premiere revealed that someone (or something) kidnapped the entire team with the exception of Fitz ( Iain De Caestec ker), who was "working on that" back in the present, thanks to an old supercard that Coulson found on the space station. Why was not he taken with them? What is happening to you in the present? As Fitz could not be seen during the full two hours, he is still in the air. And while the whole team was deciphering the laws of their new wild home, Simmons found herself enslaved against her will by the Kree leader in the spaceship, with some kind of silver device that made her deaf to all but him. . In general, things are not going well for SHIELD agents!

"As Coulson is told when he arrives, thank God you're here to save us!", Says executive producer Jeff Bell on set as he celebrates filming the 100th episode. " The idea is that SHIELD has to save the future in some way, saving the planet, whether that means fixing it there, or freeing its people, or finding a way to recompose things, are questions that will be unveiled throughout the a lot of episodes. "

The presentation of this new mystery was a way to "arm our team", according to Bell, "because they have fractured so much last season".


"It's a way for all of us to come together and solve something together," he says. "Fortunately, they will leave the place a little better than when they found it."

Coulson, usually the leader of the pack, was found under someone's thumb at the end of the premiere, and has no idea what to do with their environment or extreme situation. That is not something that the former Director of SHIELD is used to.

"I did not like that, neither did Phil," Gregg says with a smile. "You know, that's something that I think you get great at this, they're suddenly thrown into this world they do not know anything about, that seems kind of wild, so suddenly they're in a world they do not use. that kind of powers and they have great limitations and they are separated to a certain extent, so finding a way to reestablish oneself as a team is a big part of the beginning. " [19659002] What most excited Gregg with Season 5 is how deep into the science fiction genre the program is becoming. "I love science fiction and I feel we are entering a world that has elements of everything from Snowpiercer to Delicatessen and Silent Running and a lot of science fiction like that," he says.


And the fact that nobody, from the team to the public, has an idea of ​​what is happening is something that SHIELD has not done before. "Up to this point, we've told the audience, or the characters know it [what’s going on]," says Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb. "The Marco is a perfect example: they knew what the Marco was, they agreed to enter the Marco and then they had to deal with Marco, they are ahead of you, so this is the first time that what we do is all begin in the They do not know where they are, we do not know where they are. "

While the team tries to orient itself, Wen reveals that they are going to be confused and feeling out of place for a while.

"We do not have our resources that we normally have, and we do not have backups that we normally have, and the things that SHIELD, SHIELD do," says Wen. . "Of course by May, she's supposed to be the one who protects or tries to come and save, and then, meanwhile, she's got this huge leg injury, and she's not that capable anymore, I think the idea that she really is out of her element is something that makes her feel more vulnerable, and a side of May that we do not normally see, because she can not protect the team as she would like. "

As for Simmons, the fact that she has been surprised by another strange monolith, taking her through space and time, has not gone unnoticed.


"For Simmons, it only increases there's a lot at stake, because when you think of all those who are not with us, what does that mean? Fitz is not with us," says Henstridge. "It's totally different [situation]. She's thinking, I've done this before! How did I end up here again? It's awkward, but I also think she feels a little more prepared than other people, because she has I've been here before and he came back, so I think he hopes that what brought them here can also bring them back. "

While Wen jokes that Simmons is a" beacon of hope "for the rest of the team, Henstridge frowns. "He has no hope beyond the first two episodes," he says. "She's a little more upset about [being a slave]. Shooting those scenes was so frustrating because she's so helpless and at any moment you could be decimated, so you just have to be submissive, which is extremely frustrating."

She pauses to think for a second, then continues, "But with Jemma, she's always had this [where] she's always had to be rescued. I think being with Maveth and having to fend for herself was really good for her character and she really built a backup self-esteem, which, OK, I can handle things on my own. And then now she's back in a position where she feels completely helpless. "

When Wen says that Simmons is only helpless because "he had that thing in [her] ear, because otherwise you'd kick his bad," laughs Henstridge.


"It's what you expected, but not being able to communicate is really, it's such an intelligent way of torturing someone, because as humans, that's what we do," says Henstridge. "That's where we found comfort and we expressed ourselves, it was difficult for her."

And with Fitz nowhere in the two "Orientation" parts, where is it? When will he return to the show?

"He … could be appearing in space sometime," mocks De Caestecker. "But he's not there now, that's my answer, and I'm sticking to it, that's the answer they wrote specifically, I wrote it to the letter"

After pressing it for more information on when Fitz will appear In the series, the usually cautious actor gave in. But just a little

"He … well … I do not know if I can say when, exactly, but it will be after episode 2," he laughs, knowing that everyone will have seen episode 2. "At some point [that] But, yeah, it's somewhere, I really want to tell you all, but I can not, basically, let me talk about how, like, Fitz is still dealing with what happened last season, being in the Framework . "


As for Daisy, discovering that you were the cause of the end of the world is a lot to take on. "Honestly, at the beginning, I think she does not believe it," says Bennet. "Not because she does not think," I would not do that. "She's genuinely," No, I'm not literally powerful enough, I do not know what you're talking about, but I need to find my friends. " 39 ;. So I think your approach is, actually, something like, do not ignore what Deke is saying, but rather say: "You're a little crazy, I do not know what you're talking about, but my main focus is that my friends are safe and that we get out of here running. "

But as the season progresses and" the closer it gets, "Bennet promises that Daisy will begin to take that more seriously. 19659031] "Yes, he's after her a bit, and it's another problem he can have," he says. "Because he has eight dead boyfriends and a dead father, and then a father who has been brainwashed and worked as a veterinarian in Indiana, and , you know, almost dead, apparently it's not enough. "Daisy really can not take a break.

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