That nice moment of Dwyane Wade-Chrissy Teigen-John Legend is a sham

There is only one loser here.

Dwyane Wade has one last nice moment on the court, hitting some famous friends along the sideline.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, despite having a beer, have a viral moment, an NBA superstar sharing a brief encounter with them during their farewell to their fanatical Miami fans.

Hell, he even wins the Miami Herald, gets the shot of the year and everything he coveted. #SocialMediaEngagement.

The loser? The truth.

This was game number 541 regular season at home in the American Airlines Lines Arena for Wade, a court in which he has intervened on countless occasions. Nobody knows the corners and the cracks, the angles, the feeling of court as the most beloved athlete in Miami. The 37-year-old has used his feints, his doubts, his half-step advantage throughout his illustrious 15-year career. With a skill, he knows where he is going.

And he was heading straight for his famous friends. This was not a loose ball dunk, sacrifice, body for possession in the stands. With Derek Jeter watching (and feeling the heat of Miami), this does not remember his fall in the stands in 2004.

In a game that did not make sense for the 76ers and a game that the Heat led comfortably in everything, this was devised.

Wade wandered and dribbled down the left side of the court, positioning himself like that. He squared off, the Philadelphia Haywood Highsmith hardly cared if he became Wade's last victim. He took a 3 he had taken thousands of times, but he turned it into a fading, pedaling back, not one, not two, not three, but four steps and landing right on Teigen and Legend, right next to his wife, Gabrielle Union . .

Yes, a beautiful moment, and one in which the legend and Teigen almost certainly were not involved. But yes, for Wade, a premeditated one.

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