Thanksgiving, back home, bust records


TAMPA, Fla. – Nearly 50 million Americans are hitting the air and roads. The Sunday after Thanksgiving is breaking records. It is expected to be the most intense Thanksgiving trip day in 12 years.

According to AAA, most people do not travel by plane. In contrast, 89% of travelers choose the road. If you've been seeing more cars out there, it's not a coincidence. The car club noticed a 3% increase in car trips compared to the last Thanksgiving.

"I like to go by car because you can stop what you want to see, it's not like you're in the air and you can not see anything," Helen Foy said.

This traveler by car was driving back to Levy County. But Foy and others who choose the roads will pay a little more for the gas due to the increase in prices. At this time, the national average of one gallon of regular gasoline is $ 2.50. That's an increase of $ 2.13 a year ago. Bad news for those who rent a car. The average cost is $ 70. That represents an increase of 34% compared to last year. It is also the highest rate since 2013.

Travelers who travel by plane will also pay much less. The average roundtrip ticket for a domestic flight is almost $ 160. That's the lowest figure in five years.

For Puerto Rican student Stephanie Morales, traveling to Tampa to visit her family is much more than five-cent coins. Back home in San Juan, he still has no power since Hurricane Maria.

"I am grateful to be alive, I am grateful that my family was alive and grateful for this really necessary rest," he said.

Morales joins the more than 2.5 million people who will be screened at airports today. The TSA says today among its five busiest activities.

"It's fast and with kids it's easy," said Chrisann Kwiatkowski, who is traveling back to Cleveland, Ohio, with his family. "It was very easy, no problems, no long lines, everything was excellent."

Travel experts say that Americans are challenging long lines and traffic thanks to a growing economy and low unemployment rates.

to beat the traffic, we only have another 60 miles or so will exceed it, "said Foy.

Whether traveling by car or plane, travels safely.

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