Space Xhe explores Dragon's capsule boat to International Speech Station (clip)

Space X Hail Company Test the 9 rooster phone box, catch the caption อน Dragon & # 39; Go to the place, take another 27 hours until you reach the International Speech Station.

On 2 March, 62, the BBC News Agency, Elon Musk's Space X, was released. first test. Add room capsule to drag & drag; (Dragon Capsal) to the air. And he reaches the International Speech Station on Sunday, March 3 or 27 hours with Space X Company. He removed the Falcon 9 rocket, which took the dump capsal of the Dragon, It may only have one steel. From the Canadian Spanish Center in Cape Verde, Florida, USA, at 02:59 p.m. On the morning of March 2, 62, a local era In the commercial distance transport project where the Air Navigation and Spaniards Administration (NASA) Administration has contracted with Space X and Boeing.

The SpaceX company burned the Falcon 9 rocket, which introduced the Dragon Caps (pilotless) to the International Speech Station for its & first time.

The BBC says that Due to its 9 rocket box, the Dragon cap is just a test. So, dragons do not travel with Dragh's caps in any way. But Space X. It made a human model, decorated in a nose suit, which sat next to a window; chasail Last dragon looks like a nose.

For this puppies The nickname & Riipi & # 39; which has equipment on the head, neck and spine To collect different types of force data These battles arise when they go up to the dragon capsule

The BBC announced that the Falcon 9 rocket box trial Dragon docked this station with this international opportunity. Consideration of an important pin in Space X's history, set up for 17 years by Elon Musk, a museum that was dedicated to bringing people out of the world.

In August 2018, NASA launched its first NASA specialist team, 9 men, 7 men and 2 women and their partners; travel to the International Spey Center. With a special feature of a private company, NASA's contract is a room for capsule dragon capsule. And Starliner of the Boeing Company That will be ranked as the first time in 7 years that NASA will have a & # 39; cast astronauts into space by itself

Capsule Dragon & # 39;

At this time NASA is responsible for the Soyuz Capsule spacecraft of the Russian Spanish Agency to go to the International Speech Station. And he had to pay a travel tax of 82 million dollars (about 2.7 billion baht), and he had to travel to take a car park in Biancon in Kazakhstan. And Space X for capability development, and & # 39; Conducting supplies and astronauts to the International Press Station To reduce costs After NASA closed its own shuttle schedule lasting 7 years ago

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