Teyna Taylor welcomes baby with Iman Schumper, gives birth in bathroom – again

Teyana Taylor and husband Iman Shimper’s new association is already following in the footsteps of their elder sister.

On Monday, Taylor and Schimper announced the arrival of their second child, daughter Roo Rose, revealing that she too was born in a bathroom like her older daughter, 4-year-old Iman Tayla aka Juni.

On Sunday’s special delivery, Instagram said that at 3:28 pm Sept 6, 2020, Rose Rose decided that the baby shower thrown for her and her mother was too much. “She did not party, but she managed to make her date of birth the next day !!!”

The NBA’s shooting guard then quipped, “Now … when we buy a house, we always find a bathroom with a great energy … but in a million years you won’t be able to tell me that we Helping a hospital without making both of their daughters sleep in the bathroom! ”

Her 30-year-old shopper, Taylor, who has been married for 30 years, confirmed that Baby Rue had “entered the world in water and was ready to hang out and explore!”

“A healthy baby.” A younger sister. One more daughter. Black wins love…. Guy. Welcome baby… we love you! . @Babyruerose, “he continued.

Taylor also posted an Instagram video to her baby girl, which read: “We Love You Ru, Welcome to Girl Girl @babyruoseose er.”

Taylor announced her pregnancy in June via a music video. Later that month, Taylor also shared Erykah Badu planned to be her babysitter.

“I don’t know if I want to go to the hospital for this next child,” Taylor said on Nick Cannon’s podcast before adding: “I’ll make sure it’s not on the toilet or the bathroom floor.”