Teyna Taylor Bathroom Birth: Second Baby Born Without Hospital

The singer and basketball player made headlines in 2015 when her first daughter, Iman Tayla Schumper Jr., known as “Juni”, made a surprise entry into the world in Grandpa’s home bathroom with her arrogant father.

Sufficiently enough on Labor Day, Shopart posted on his verified Instagram account that “it was decided at 3:28 pm on Septe 6th 2020 Ryu Rose that the baby shower thrown for her and Mummy was also lit.”

“He didn’t party, but he managed to make his date of birth the next day,” she wrote in the caption of a video of their new addition. “Now … when we buy a house, we always find a bathroom with a great energy … but in a million years you won’t be able to tell me that we can put both our daughters in the bathroom without anyone Will distribute the aid. ” Hospital!”

Schumper, who played for the Brooklyn Nets last year, said, “Our latest version entered the world in water and got ready to hang out and explore!”

“A healthy baby. A younger sister. Another daughter,” he wrote. “Black wins love …. again. Welcome you are welcome … We love you!”

Taylor confirmed her second pregnancy in June in the music video for her single “Wake Up Love”, which featured Schumper and her first daughter.

The pair married in 2016.