Teyana Taylor gives birth to another child in the bathroom of her home

The singer and her husband Iman Shimper welcomed their daughter Rousse early in the morning.

Teyana Taylor And her husband, NBA star Iman ShampertSunday welcomed her second child, a baby girl whom she named Rosé.

“It was decided at 3:28 pm in the twenty-sixth 2020 Rue Rose that the baby shower thrown for her and mom was also lit. She did not party, but she managed to make her date of birth the next day,” said the 30-year-old. Schompert wrote in the caption of the video of her newborn shared on social media.

Rue Rose Shumpert was born in the family bathroom because she had an older sister, a five-year-old daughter. Iman Tayla (Aka Juni). Taylor gave birth one day after the baby shower in Atlanta.

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“Now … when we buy a house, we always find a bathroom with a great energy … but in a million years you won’t be able to tell me that we can help our two daughters without the help of a hospital Will deliver to the bathroom! ” Our latest version entered the world in water and came ready to hang out and explore, ”the basketball player continued.

“A healthy baby.” A younger sister. One more daughter. Black wins love…. Guy. Welcome baby girl… We love you !, ”said the shimper with the newborn’s Twitter handle: @babyruerose.

Taylor shared her husband’s message in a separate video of the baby that she shared on her Instagram page – see below:

Taylor revealed her second pregnancy in the music video for her song “Wake Up Love”, which she abandoned in June.

“We’re ready, and we’re excited,” Taylor said The people At that time. “Iman is super excited. Juni is bliss – I am talking about super ecstasy. Everyone is just excited. I can not wait. I have three months left until we meet our little princess. ”

Taylor also told about being born at home during an interview Nick cannon In June, theGRIO previously reported.

“You know what’s crazy, even though the Juni story is crazy, it puts me in a comfort zone where I don’t know — I don’t know if I want to go to the hospital for this next child,” she confessed.

“Sure it’s not on the toilet or bathroom floor,” he said ficklely.

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