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Texas Teen explains movement that defies gravity

Today's youth devised a way to challenge the laws of gravity, demonstrating that once and for all was the superior generation.

The new and fiery trend among teenagers today is the challenge of the "invisible box" (also known as the "invisible step" challenge), where the one who accepts the challenge apparently takes a step that is not really there. In other words, teenagers imitate again as a form of entertainment 40 years later.

Like many Internet challenges, it is difficult to trace the exact origin of the trend. (Remember boards and eating cinnamon, anyone?) The videos of the challenge that defies gravity go back to 2014, and earlier this year, a student at the University of Anderson posted a video of himself completing the challenge of gravity movement. But the trick really took off in December, thanks to a particularly well executed performance by Texas high school cheerleader Ariel Olivar.

Your video on Twitter went viral, with more than 145,000 retweets (a number that will surely grow). If you think it seems easy, try it for yourself, it is much more difficult than it seems, as this journalist discovered. (You can also see it through the hundreds of less impressive invisible box challenge videos posted on Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube.

Olivar appeared on ABC Good Morning America on Tuesday to explain exactly how he did it. So here it is, step by step how to make the invisible box challenge guide!

1. Set the scene.

As Marcel Marceau could tell him (or write him) the key to any good Mime visualization is Setting up the scene A key part of this challenge is to convince your audience that there really is an "invisible box" in front of you, clean it, clean it, give it a pat to establish this idea of ​​step. If you do not believe in your box, how will someone else do it?

2. Flex your foot and hold it.

Place your foot flexed on the "" you just set. "Squeeze the leg muscles to block the foot. pi e in this position.

3. Jump raising the opposite leg higher "You have to have enough strength and strength in the legs" so that your other foot is higher than the foot in the box, "Olivar told ABC This is the difficult part: while jumping with the opposite leg, you must make sure that the leg of your box does not move.

4. Celebrate.

It is useful if you have a group of friends outside the camera to cheer you up after you have completed the challenge, this will help you remember the message that you are really great.

Happy imitation, teenagers!

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