Texas Republican Party to hold in-person convention this month

The Texas Republican Party plans to hold a convention in person this month, even as the state experienced a massive outbreak in June, prompting it to reverse the reopening policies it established earlier this year.

The convention in person will be held July 13-18 in Houston, one of the epicenters of the outbreak in Texas. The Texas Republican Party Executive Committee voted 40-20 to host the gathering of about 6,000 people at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, an indoor facility.

“After an extensive debate Thursday night, the State Republican Executive Committee tightened its support to proceed with our in-person State Convention in Houston,” Texas Republican Party President James Dickey said in a statement.

The party has been widely criticized by state Democrats, who host a virtual convention, as well as by the Texas Medical Association (TMA), which He is a sponsor of the Republican Convention.

“This is not the time to bring thousands of party worshipers from across the state to an indoor meeting in a county that, as I write, reports more than 18,000 active COVID-19 cases,” said TMA President Diana Fite. . said in a letter to the party leadership on Tuesday.

In Texas, the governor. Greg Abbott (R) issued an order On Thursday, people in Texas are required to wear some form of facial covering inside commercial buildings or when social distancing is not possible.

The state GOP says it plans to comply with Abbott’s order, providing free masks for attendees, as well as thermal scanning and hand sanitizer.

“Against the advice of doctors, medical professionals, and common sense, Greg Abbott and the Texas Republican Party decided to hold a convention in person at the largest coronavirus access point in the country,” said the chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, Gilberto Hinojosa, in a statement. Friday. “This decision is totally wrong.”

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In an effort to energize its base, the Trump campaign has conducted several in-person campaign events indoors, despite advice from administration public health officials.