Texas’ JJ Watt calls’ unfortunate ‘during moment of unity

JJ Watt said he heard fans on Thursday when his Houston Texas teammates and Kansas City key players stepped into the arena for a moment of unity before the coin toss.

The Texans were not on the field during the singing of the national anthem or “lift every voice and song”. Instead, the players opted to stay in the locker room. He joined the main players in the midfield before the game. The players discontinued weapons and spread throughout the area.

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Watt said he listened to some boons, which struck a nerve on NFL fans as well as on social media.

“Personally, I thought the moment of unity was good,” Star Defensive End told reporters after the game. “I mean Boo was unfortunate during that time. I do not understand completely. No flag was included. There was nothing but two teams coming together to show unity. ”

Texas coach Bill O’Brien said he didn’t think the Booings were for a moment of unity.

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“I thought it was a good thing, so I’m not sure why they would do it,” O’Brien said. He said, “Maybe they were on our side just because we came on the field as a guest team.” But yes, I thought it was a good gesture. ”

Chief coach Andy Reid said he had not heard any boon.

“I thought it was a clean deal, the two sides were coming together for a reason and the story was told there,” he said.

“We can all learn from this, and really it’s just to make all of us better, even we are already a strong country.” We just have the chance to be completely unstable when all hands join together and it is a beautiful thing. ”

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The Chiefs won the game 34–20.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.