Texas Investor Game Scope Uses Gaines to Help Sick Children – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Between the Wall Street drama surrounding Gametop and Robinhood, some investors who took part in GameStop’s low sales are using their earnings to do good work for others.

An investor, who wanted to remain anonymous, transported 10 Nintendo switches purchased from Gamestop locations around the Dallas-Fort Worth area to Medical City Children’s Hospital on Thursday.

The investor said that his efforts were made possible by GME profits.

Wall Street has been closed this week by an organized campaign by small investors to take over large hedge funds by running shares of Grapevine-based GameShop and other struggling retailers.

The campaign started on Reddit and other discussion boards as small investors encouraged each other to buy GameStop stock, forcing big players like hedge funds to cover their bets by buying stocks, which pushed up the price even more .

The anonymous investor, who donated to the Nintendo Switches, said he “made a good amount of money on this hilarious GME business through R / Volkrabits” and felt inspired to give back “in a way that was equally hilarious. ”

The investor said that his hope is to convince others from the Reddit forum r / WallStreetBets to bring them back in a similar way and turn the short sale of GameStop into a force for good.


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