Texas Hospital says 100% of ICU beds are full, then removes its report


Reports emerged Sunday that the largest medical complex in Texas removed data from its website about its ICU bed capacity, after previously reporting that the beds were 100% occupied, raising questions about whether the removal was political. , as the hospital promises that a new dataset will be released soon. .


the Washington Post reported Sunday that Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical complex located in Houston, “quietly” removed ICU data from its website, which publishes regular updates on its efforts against Covid-19.

Data released by the medical center on Thursday said that 100% of its regular ICU beds were full, triggering alarm bells for some politicians and public health experts, but center officials said they could add more beds to accommodate a possible increase.

Also Thursday: Governor Greg Abbott ordered Houston to stop elective surgeries to keep beds available for coronavirus patients after the number of hospitalized patients reached record levels for two consecutive weeks.

The medical center’s website claims in a popup that an “incomplete slide deck” was released yesterday and promised “new slides.” . . will be released later today [and] will provide a more complete and accurate description of the current state. “

An NBC News reporter tweeted that the medical center told him Sunday that new data was being collected for publication because “After the events of this week, everyone realized that the question about capacity was complicated and misunderstood.”

Texas Medical Center did not respond to a request for comment from Forbes.

Head of critics

Democratic Rep. Gene Wu tweeted “We are on the edge of a cliff” after the Texas Medical Center shared its ICU bed update on Thursday. Republican Senator John Cornyn responded to Wu, citing that 27% of ICU beds were occupied by patients with coronavirus, while the rest were full of patients there for other reasons, and that Wu should “stop trying to scare to the people”.

Key background

Texas has set daily record levels of new coronavirus hospitalizations, while reporting several consecutive days of new record case levels. On Wednesday, 11 executives at the Texas Medical Center released a statement warning that the facility may be “overwhelmed”, before toning down their rhetoric on Thursday, as Abbott ordered a pause for elective surgeries and the bed data was released. from the ICU. Marc Boom, president of Houston Medical, a Texas Medical Center hospital, said at a press conference Thursday that “we clearly have capacity” and that “in speaking of capacity,” the medical center “unintentionally ended up sounding too loud an alarm ” . “

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