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Texas Governor Asks President Joe Biden for Major Winter Storm Disaster Declaration

Texas Governor Greg Abbott will seek a major disaster declaration from President Joe Biden to help homeowners who have suffered broken pipes and other property damage as a result of this week’s winter storm.

During Thursday’s press conference, Abbott announced that more than two million homes had electricity restored as of Wednesday afternoon.

However, approximately 325,000 Texans still did not have electricity in their homes, Abbott said. Although the mandatory outages were lifted, those Texans were still without power for the repairs that needed to be made. Some of them may not see relief for days until freezing temperatures drop.

The governor also added more emergency items for the Texas Legislature to take up. He asked lawmakers to order winterization of generators and power systems. He also asked for funds that would modernize the Texas power grid.

“All uses agree on the need to act,” Abbott said. “Not just action taken to restore his energy, but action to make sure he never has to endure something like this again.”


During the press conference, the governor also directly blamed the Texas Electric Reliability Council, which runs the state’s power grid, for outages that left millions of people without power and water.

The governor mentioned that ERCOT CEO Bill Magness had told the board that the network was ready for the winter storm.

“ERCOT failed at every one of these actions that they said they had taken,” Abbott said. “Texans deserve answers about why deficiencies occurred and how they will be corrected, and Texans will get those answers.”

ERCOT officials had said the network was minutes away from a “devastating cascading blackout” that would have left people without power indefinitely.

In San Antonio, about 10,000 customers were without power, CPS Energy officials said. They may not see their energy restored until Monday.

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