Texas government says Abbott urges rapid vaccination

Texas government Greg Abbott (R) has urged state health officials and hospitals to expedite the delivery of their supply of COVID-19 vaccines in response to a letter from the state health commissioner, indicating that the state Most of the supplies have not yet been administered.

Abbott wrote in a tweet on Tuesday that it was unacceptable for several doses of the vaccine, “still sitting on hospital shelves, as being given to vulnerable Texans,” and said that Texas “quickly dispatched all commentators.” Urges to give shots. “

“We meet a lot more each week,” he said.

His tweet came in response to a letter released by the state’s Health Commissioner John Hellerstadt to the state’s Department of Emergency Management, who wrote this week that a “significant portion” of the state’s vaccination supplies had not yet been delivered.

“We also know that every day a vaccine sits on a shelf which is another epidemic that is becoming an obstacle in our state’s economy and way of life,” Hellerstadt said. , So we take the initiative from you and proceed aggressively with administering all the vaccine doses you have received. “

COVID-19 outbreaks in Texas continue to worsen. State officials on Tuesday reported 26,990 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases, the highest single-day ever recorded in the state, while the virus also records new hospitalizations in a single day. .

Health experts have warned that hospital systems across the country may be kept out of capacity in the coming weeks as COVID-19 infections increase as a result of the holiday season.


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