Texas Democrats Joaquin and Julian Castro ask Cruz to step down

Democratic Texas politician and twin brother Rep. Joaquin CastroJoaquin CastroHawley Condemned Capitol Violence Capitol violence ‘Selena’ has been nominated for the National Film Registry amid allegations by CHC Chair Castro. And former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro has called Sen. Ted cruiseRafael (Ted) confirms to Edward Cruzcongress that Biden’s victory is confirmed after the rioters terrorize Capitol. Rejected the challenge of Arizona’s presidential vote. (R-Texas) to resign after violent riots in the Capitol on Wednesday.

Cruz was among the GOP lawmakers who confirmed the presidential-election victory over Congress Joe BidenAfter Congress Joe Bidentrump accepted the termination of the presidency, Congress confirmed Biden’s victory, terrorizing the riotous capital after Biden’s victory. Here the pages of newspapers around the world saw that Mobis Capital beat more, Objections came in the form of a crowd of Trump supporters sieging the Capitol to protest Biden’s victory.

Joaquin Castro told the Texas Tribune on Wednesday, “I think he has conducted himself shamelessly and I think he has done it because he believes that this is the only way, the only chance he has to be president. The Republican nomination for the post is to win. “

Both Castro tweeted on Wednesday that Cruz “should resign immediately from the United States Senate.”

Rape Alexandria Ocasio-CortezAlexandria Ocasio-CortezDem Democratic lawmakers call Pence to implement 25th amendment, remove Trump from office. Democrats condemn Capitol anarchy against ‘anarchy’ Shakti has more to do. (NY) was among Democrats who echoed their sentiments by calling both Cruz and Sen on Thursday. Josh HolleyAfter Joshua (Josh) David Howlekongress’ victory, Biden confirmed that the rioters terrorized the Capitol, with Congress rejecting a challenge to the Arizona presidential vote. (R-Mo.) To resign.

Soon after the joint session began in Congress, Trump supporter rioters stormed the Capitol, causing widespread damage and causing lawmakers and staff to halt or evacuate themselves. Four people died after the incident, and more than 60 people were arrested.

Once the Capitol was secured, several Democratic lawmakers accused the lawmakers of violations, who have opposed the results of the presidential election, saying they had spread misinformation that eventually prompted rioters to take action. .

MPs have also called for impeachment President TrumpDonald Trumptramp accepts presidential termination after Congress certifies Biden’s victory Or to implement the 25th amendment to remove Vice President Pence from office.

Rape Adam KinzingerAdam Daniel Kinzingerlet-Knight announces plans to discuss host capitol violence Memo: Trump arrives in chaos capitol Trump incites electoral fury to rioters ‘go home’ (R-Ill.) On Thursday became the first Republican lawmaker to join a call to remove Trump.

Kinzinger said in a video message posted on Twitter, “Here’s the truth. The president is the reason for it. The president is inept and the president is unwell. The president must now take control of the executive branch either voluntarily or involuntarily.”


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