Texas Democrats call for new order to stay home

Texas Democrats asked Gov. Greg Abbott (R) to issue a new order to stay home in the state amid a surge in coronavirus cases.

Speaking on MSNBC, Rep. Sheila Jackson LeeSheila Jackson Lee: Texas Democrats Demand New Stay-at-Home Order Local redress initiatives can lead to a national policy that will remedy racial injustice. He said Abbott moved too fast when the state began to reopen, adding that he did not follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“We open the government here in Texas too quickly,” he said. “We have 10,000 people in hospital beds this week. We have people dying every day. “

“They say we cannot control COVID-19 until we have an order to stay home,” he added, referring to conversations he has had with medical professionals. “And I think the best way to do it … we need to give jurisdiction to the local community to issue orders to stay home.”

Representatives Vicente González and Filemon CandleFilemon Bartolome VelaTexas lawmakers ask HHS to set up a field hospital, federal resources in the state The Hispanic Caucus requests a meeting with CEOs of the private detention center Texas Democrats call for new order to stay home MOREThe two Texas Democrats also echoed his call, saying that lifting the stay-at-home order has hampered Abbott’s efforts to restart the Texas economy.

“The health of our economy is linked to the health of our population. As Texans, we want the economy to prosper, but that is not possible if the lives and health of our fellow Texans are at stake. Clearly, the increase in new cases of COVID-19, resulting in increased deaths, is directly related to the premature reopening of Texas. Our call to action is now all we can do to prevent more deaths, ”they said in a joint statement.

The comments come as Texas set a new record for the daily number of deaths from the virus on Thursday. The state suffered 105 COVID-19 deaths, breaking its record it had set just a day earlier with 98. Texas also broke its record for the number of new cases daily on Tuesday with 10,028, and added another 9,782 new infections on Thursday.

Jackson Lee said that in addition to ending the order to stay home too soon, the state government did not inform people about how to lead their lives safely during the pandemic, which helped the community to further spread the coronavirus.

“What we didn’t do well … was when we made that order to stay home, we didn’t educate people to say, ‘once the order is lifted, this is how you should act.’ Social distance, wearing a mask , wash your hands, “he said.” I think we are at a point of crisis. We are not going to get ahead of this, it will continue, and my theory is that more people will die. “