Texas AG overturns controversial Chick-film-A decision

– A year and a half after he was denied a lease at San Antonio International Airport, Chick-fil-A is apparently being offered one. As Fox News reports, the March 2019 denial, which came from the city council, reportedly called it the “legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior” of the fast food chain. But on Sunday, the Texas Attorney General reported Fox and friend His office had asked the Department of Transportation to investigate the matter, and as a result, the AG’s office was recently informed that the city had offered a lease. “We asked them to review it and ask them to consider whether there was a violation of First Amendment rights and the Constitution and Guidelines of the Department of Transportation and they found that there was clearly found and fortunately the city backtracked and chic – has agreed to give the film – a lease opportunity, ”said Ken Paxton.

He praised the development, saying that anything less would set a dangerous precedent: “City councils or other governmental organizations can only decide that they don’t like whatever your personal views are about your religious faith.” And prevent you from doing business. ” However, in a deceptive turn of events, the city of San Antonio denied AG’s words after his appearance on the Fox show. “The FAA has not ordered the city of San Antonio to have Chick-fil-A at its airport,” it said in a statement to KSAT. “City itself offered to resolve the FAA investigation after Cher-fil-A-A’s state of change over its publicly announced charitable policy. The city says that at any point against Chick-fil-A Not discriminated. Chick-fil-A at San Antonio Airport is ultimately dependent upon the continued interest and approval of the City Council on Chick-fil-A. Attorney General Paxton’s inaccurate statements on the issue have not been surprising. Neither he nor the state of Texas. Involved in conversations between City and the FAA. “(Read more Chick-fil-A stories)