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Does rural relief or the rich get richer? GOP seeks to cut the estate tax

In the century that Pat Snook's family ran a livestock operation in southeast Texas, she and her relatives have paid the federal real estate tax three times to account for the surface, equipment and other badets that are transferred from one generation to another.

The 72-year-old man hopes that there will never be a fourth.

"He does not mind paying it once," said Snook, who lives in Livingston, about an hour northeast. of Houston. "But he does not want to pay it three times on the same property and the same equipment and the same tractors – it just is not right."

Republicans can give Snook his wish, as the modernization of taxes moves through the House and the Senate would eliminate the estate tax or reduce it in an important way.

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Also: In his hometown of Ennis, residents say that Barton's personal life is none of his business.

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