Testimony of a man arrested for eating ice cream on the beach

One man has described how he was handcuffed, arrested and stripped in a police cell for the crime of not giving his name after he was caught taking his family to his favorite Welsh beach.

Radek Kotlarek moved to Wales from London with his family seven years ago for a peaceful life. But the treatment he received over the weekend from the Welsh police, he says, was more reminiscent of Nazi German or the Communist era in his native Poland.

He told his story to Breitbart London:

My family has been nervous for some time under lock and key. We have suffered illnesses and deaths among our relatives in Poland and my children, we have two boys, they have been especially affected. So on Sunday we took our oldest son, who is 17, for a walk on his favorite beach, about twenty miles from where we live.

After our walk we had an ice cream and in the parking lot we saw two policemen handing out fines for violating Covid legislation. I didn’t feel like we had committed a crime. A female agent explained the rules for exercising too far from her home. I tried to explain that this break was essential to our sanity. But she didn’t seem very compassionate or understanding.

I asked ‘Am I in custody? Because if I don’t want to enjoy the rest of my afternoon and you’re harassing me. ‘

He asked me to give my name and when I refused, because I had not committed any crime, he arrested me.

They handcuffed me and took me to a Wrexham police station. They locked me in an interrogation room. A police sergeant told me that he could hold me for 24 hours if I refused to cooperate.

I said, ‘I don’t give my consent. I took my family for ice cream.

At this point, the police sergeant became very angry, frustrated and intimidated. He yelled in my face: ‘I command and I give the orders.’ Then he told me that they were going to search me without clothes, which really surprised me.

After about 45 minutes, two different officers appeared. I said, ‘Please, could you loosen my right cuff because it’s too tight and it stops my circulation?’ They refused. Then I said, ‘I need to use the bathroom.’ They said, ‘Not until we’re done.’

They took me to a custody cell where there was an exposed toilet. I asked for some privacy and toilet paper. The sergeant said, ‘Don’t fuck with him until we’re done.’

They asked me what my clothing size was. I told them that I was happy with my own clothes.

Then they came in with scissors and said that if I didn’t cooperate they would cut off my clothes and take them off by force.

At that point I agreed to do what they said. I stood naked in front of them. Well, not totally naked: first I took off my shirt and then the bottom. But I would say that standing with your genitals exposed while two men look at you counts as naked.

It’s the kind of thing you might have expected in Nazi Germany, but not in a modern civilized democracy.

After three hours I was released without charge and without penalty. It had all been in vain.

The Kotlarek case has been addressed by a member of the Welsh Assembly, Neil McEvoy MS.

McEvoy is an anti-lockdown activist who has had run-ins with local police, caught on film harassing him after he distributed political brochures while campaigning to overthrow Wales’ far-left Chief Minister Mark Drakeford. Drakeford has been responsible for probably the most draconian lockdown regulations in the UK.

McEvoy said of the Kotlarek case: “It is outrageous, but it is a sign of the times. The police have become very authoritarian and no more so than in Wales. “

North Wales Police issued a statement about the incident.

Following the circulation of a video and many subsequent comments on social media, Chief Superintendent Nigel Harrison said:

The person was spoken to on the Talacre beach as officers reasonably suspected that he had committed a crime, which in this case was a violation of Coronavirus regulations.

The man, who is from the coastal town of Rhos on Sea, about 22 miles away, was arrested because his details could not be determined at the time to be reported for the alleged rape.

The officers behaved in a calm and reasonable manner as expected.

As is always the case, if the person wishes to inquire or complain about the way they were treated, we will of course review all the circumstances.

Kotlarek is now seeking legal advice.

He told Breitbart News:

It was humiliating. But it’s not about me or revenge. I just don’t want to live in a society where the most basic human rights are not respected and where people are treated like animals.

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