Test Drive: The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Rocks

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is a rock star car. I don’t mean that figuratively. An actual rock star owns one.

Kiss collaborator Paul Stanley picked up a white stingray with a red interior and tweeted his love for it and said he bought American because it is beyond “world class.”

Ok maybe the fact that He is with General Motors President Mark Rees Impressed his purchase, but he is running it, so the support is valid.


Of course, the 68-year-old singer fits the classic stereotype of a Corvette buyer: ripe with money to burn. Many types of bus customers expect the Corvette’s switch to be different from front to mid engine design. so much for that.

The Chevrolet Experimental Research Vehicle, or CERV I, was revealed in 1960 to explore the possibilities of a mid-engine layout.

The Chevrolet Experimental Research Vehicle, or CERV I, was revealed in 1960 to explore the possibilities of a mid-engine layout.

The eighth-generation Corvette is a dream realization that occurred six decades ago, when veteran GM engineer Jora Arkas-Duntov began building a mid-engine prototype, as the layout offered potentially better performance than the front-engine design Was offered This is an idea that race and foreign car builders have taken and run away from, while Chevy has clung to tradition.

The 1990 CERV III never made it into production, but could be operated in video games "Test Drive III: The Passion."

The 1990 CERV III never made it into production, but could be played in the video game “Test Drive III: The Passion”.

Arkas-Duntov’s team and its predecessors evolved over the years, but headquarters officials could not be convinced yet. The current Corvette executive chief engineer Tudge Jutcher told Fox News Auto that a mid-engined Corvette was recently rejected in 2006 due to inertia.

“There were people when we first started talking about it who were almost entirely naysayers. Virtually no one in leadership thought it was a good idea because we were building and selling Corvettes to an enthusiastic fan base, or selling them in volume to make a profit, ”he said.

The cooler heads prevailed after the seventh-generation Corvette was completed by 2014, and Züchter and his team pulled away from the race, though neither of them had worked on the first mid-engined car. You will never know it.


The new Stingray is a radical departure from previous versions, but it retains many classic Corvette traits, including a relatively low price of $ 59,995. Some bodywork is technically fiberglass, but in various modern composite forms. Zucker calls it a “mosaic” of material, which also applies to chassis made of aluminum, steel, magnesium and carbon fiber touches.

Then there is the rear trunk, which you don’t often find in a mid-engine car. This is enough to fit a lightweight, removable roof panel or two golf bags, as the latter capability can be even more entangled with the Corvette’s image than the location of its motor. Since he is in the middle of the car, there is also room for a huge front “frunk”.


The interior of the Stingray is equally practical, as far as low-slung sports cars are concerned, for the 6-foot-tall Stanley to fit comfortably with enough legroom, perhaps even when he is in his sky-high stage You are wearing shoes. It is well trimmed and designed with lots of interesting details, such as panels hovering over the top of the dash, and more attractive than the cabin in some more expensive cars, including the $ 450,000 Ford GT’s Stark housing is.


A controversial element of this is a long row of climate control buttons on a buttress separating the driver and passenger which can be awkward to use. However, the tablet-style infotainment screen, which is a close access, has unnecessarily on-screen controls that can work with your thumb as you steady your hand on the bezel.

A second display instrument acts as a cluster, configurable and framed by a square-off steering wheel that stays below your line of sight as you see on a low dashboard and through the panoramic windshield of course Huh. Over-the-shoulder views are nowhere near as good, but the rearview mirror is equipped with a video feed, and if you turn your head around you can see the engine behind the window. This is a great site.


The Stingray is powered by GM’s latest 6.2-liter pushrod V8. Yes, pushdrubs. Just like the Chevy Silverdo. Except that one is presented in all parts of its mechanical splendor, designed to be displayed under the glass panel of the Humose hood.

The V8 gains 35 horsepower over the outgoing version for 490 hp and has 465 lb-ft of torque to go with it. The toggle and pushbutton controlled 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is standard and the only type available, but it comes with paddles behind the wheel that let you manually shift gears. If you drag both of them at the same time it immediately changes to neutral so that you can modify the engine for your audience. There will always be one, as the stingray’s chiselled body has the power of a million-dollar foreign presence and presence.

The $ 5,000 Z51 performance package on my test car towed the engine to 495 hp and 470 lb-ft and added additional cooling to the engine and transmission, a track-oriented suspension tune, downforce-producing rear wing and body extension, Big Bermbo brakes, a limited-slip rear differential and a set of sticky summer tires.

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The car was also equipped with GM’s magnetic ride control adjustable shocks, which are available on any model, from trucks to sedans, even for the $ 1,895 they cost here. Just as pricey, but for a very different reason, is the optional $ 1,495 hydraulic system that extends the stingray’s pointed nose 2 inches to avoid scraggles and can be programmed to do so automatically by 1,000 Reach marked places where you drive.

Although billiard table-smooth roads are preferred, a stingray is configured as such and can be set to tour mode, it can be used as a daily driver on the least arbitrary pavement, even That with its ridiculously low-profile tires and 19- and 20-inch wheels. The car just glides over them with no shakes, tingles, rolls or flex. But Stingray can flex whenever it wants.


According to Chevrolet, the hammer and 60 mph falls in about 2.9 seconds without any wheel spin. This is thanks to the 40/60 load distribution provided by the mid-engine design and Stingray’s excellent traction management system. It is almost as fast as the old front-engined 755 hp Corvette ZR1, which was a big part of the reason Chevy switched on.

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The second becomes clear when the road becomes curvy. Increasing the weight between the wheels improves steering response and helps to neutralize handling, which is to the extent of a slot car. I have not had the opportunity to find out what happens when you go past, but I can tell you that there is a long way to go.

The stingray plays good music when you do it all. Jathar said that refining the engine sound just behind your ear was one of the tougher challenges presented by the layout.

“The good thing about a front-engine car is that you’ve got induction noise in the front and rear exhaust pipes, so you’ve got a stereo of sorts,” he said. I can only say: expert level challenge completed.

The transmission can be a bit lazy to shift to tour, but rips through the gears and always chooses the right one in Sport and Track modes, which also adjusts throttle response and tightens the suspension and steering feel . You can customize everything to your liking and attach your settings with the Z-Mode button on the steering wheel if you wish.


The Pushtimarg Stingray is now almost in a class by itself. Its closest cars for price and performance are the mid-engine Porsche 718 and rear-engined Porsche 911, but both are not the same. As far as mid-engine cars such as Six-Figure, Audi R8, Acura NSX and Lamborghini Huracan are concerned, despite its power advantage and all-wheel-drive, I’m working hard to give you a really good reason Have been Spend triple your money on one.

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Those arguments also won’t last long against the Corvette, because you know that there are far more powerful models along the way. The Juechter won’t even indicate how much, but word on the street is that 800-1,000 hp is not out of the question, possibly with an electric boost. Depending on the performance of the stingray, there is plenty of room to develop the platform.

But regardless of what is to come, the car on sale today makes one thing perfectly clear:

This Detroit city automaker still knows how to rock.


2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Type: 2-passenger, 2-door, rear-wheel-drive coupe

Base Price: $ 59,995

Tested as: $ 80,315

Engine: 6.2-liter V8

Power: 495 hp, 465 lb-ft

Transmission: 8-speed dual-clutch automatic

MPG: 15 cities / 27 hwy

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