Tesla’s standard Y-model range is still available ‘off the menu’, but Elon Musk doesn’t like the range

Tesla is apparently still offering the standard Model Y range, which was removed from the online configurator this weekend, as an “off the menu” item.

The reason behind the removal is apparently that Elon Musk doesn’t like the range of the electric SUV.

As we reported yesterday, Tesla removed the standard Model Y range from its online configurator.

The move was confusing as it came just days after lowering the price of the already cheaper version of the Model Y, which in turn was launched just a month ago.

As usual, Tesla did not communicate the change and we did not know if the vehicle was completely canceled or if the automaker simply stopped taking orders.

But CEO Elon Musk has now commented on the situation via Twitter, where he said the vehicle can still be ordered “off the menu” but thinks the range is too short:

“It’s still available off the menu, but I don’t think the range, in many driving conditions, meets Tesla’s standard of excellence.”

The Model Y version was originally announced at the 2019 electric SUV unveiling, but Musk said Tesla will not produce the Standard Range because he said the range would be “unacceptably low” at less than 250 miles.

So it was surprising when Tesla launched the vehicle in January with 244 miles of range, but now it appears that Tesla is pulling out of the movement.

Tesla is known to have some “off the menu” items that are not listed in their online configurators, but these are usually phased out.

After launching the standard Model 3 range at $ 35,000, Tesla quickly exited the menu, and we recently reported that Tesla stopped selling the updated version of the Model 3.

Taking Electrek

I mean, what’s going on? Range is not enough. Meh, let’s launch the vehicle anyway. Oh you know what, I’m not sure anymore, let’s do it.

Tesla has always been tough to follow when it comes to pricing and tuning, but that’s a whole new level.

Personally, I think 244 miles of range is fine. A lot of people would be happy with that at $ 40,000 before incentives, especially in temperate climates.

In colder climates, it might be worth paying the extra $ 6,000 to get a larger battery pack and dual motors.

Generally, I’m not a fan of a vehicle that has too many trim options, but that’s obviously not the case with the Model Y with two “official” options at this point.

I think you could certainly use a standard range option and preferably not off the menu.

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