Tesla uses three free months of ‘complete self-driving’ to drive year-end sales

  • Navigate the autopilot: Interchange from ramp to off-ramp on the highway and automatic driving overtaking slow cars.

  • Auto lane change: Automatic lane change occurs when driving a vehicle on a highway.

  • Autopark: both parallel and vertical space.

  • Saman: You will find your car parked somewhere in the parking lot. Actually.

  • Traffic lights and stop sign control: Assistance stops at traffic controlled intersections.

Musk recently said that the subscription package will be available early next year, while the technology has come at different prices over the last few months at good prices. Now, Tesla insisted on meeting targets for record deliveries by the end of the year, becoming an impetus.

However, not everyone is happy about the offering, especially because of how Tesla advertises its Autopilot “advanced safety and convenience feature” and “full self-driving” technology. As the Tesla website notes in a slightly smaller print “currently capable features require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous.”

NTSB member Jennifer Homandie noted the difference A thread of tweets, “Complete self-driving” suggests that without input from a human operator, the vehicle can drive itself right now. it is not true. There should be safeguards to prevent such misleading claims.

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