Tesla (TSLA) to join S&P 500 index in December

A Tesla Inc. vehicle charging at a Tesla Supercharger station in Petalama, California.

Photographer: David Paul Morris / Bloomberg

Tesla Inc., a 17-year-old upstart carmaker from Elon Musk, took a major step towards blue-chip responsiveness on Monday, named in an action in one of the world’s best-known stock indices, its investor base. Will broaden

Tesla entered the S&P 500 on December 21 after failing to make the cut during the index’s quarterly rebalancing in early September, which will enter after a month of speculation and a temporary setback. Anticipation has helped the stock run nearly five times this year, making Palo Alto, California-based electric vehicle leading largest company, to be added to the gauge at a market value of about $ 390 billion. This will be one of the most influential components of the index with weights that fall around them. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Johnson and johnson and Procter & Gamble Company

It is so big that S&P Dow Jones Indices Said is seeking feedback from the investment community to determine whether Tesla should be added at once or in two separate pieces. The company converting Tesla to Index will be named later, the index provider said.

Tesla shares rose 9.8% to $ 448 in expanded New York trading on the news.

While entry into the benchmark is a rite of maturity that may dim some of Tesla’s cult stock appeal, membership comes with benefits, including forcible purchases by index-tracking investors and mutual funds. Tesla’s inclusion in the share price and the rapid rally in the past few months means those overseeing passive funds will have to sell tens of billions of dollars in their existing S&P holdings to make room for Tesla. On the other hand, investors wanting to exit their positions for a long time can now try to exit, knowing that index funds will have to be bought.

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These crosscurrents may mean greater trading volatility, although this is not new to Tesla. Since going public in 2010, the company’s popularity with Musk acolytes and day traders has made it one of the more volatile stocks of its size in the US. A stable, more institutional ownership base may ultimately help reduce those swings.

Unconventional style

Tesla has solidified its position as the leading electric car manufacturer globally, even as competition is slowly heating up. This dispels concerns about the sometimes-serious production snarls, large-scale cash-burning rates and demand for battery-powered vehicles in an industry dominated by gas-powered cars. In mid-September, Tesla reported its fifth consecutive quarterly profit, silencing critics who questioned its ability to make money.

In fact, all it took was Musk pointing at second-quarter profit – the company’s fourth consecutive profitable quarter – in a letter to employees at the end of June, triggering a 66% jump in the stock over a period of 17 trading days To do, because the results examine the ultimate requirement for S&P 500 inclusion.

Tesla CEO Musk Contemp Case with SECL in SECL Court

Photographer: Natan Dvir / Bloomberg

The company’s sky-high share price also prompted Tesla to divest its stock on a 5-for-1 exchange, a move aimed at making it more accessible to individual investors. The shares began trading on a split-adjusted basis on 31 August.

Joining one of the world’s most elite clubs is a recognition for Musk and his unorthodox management style. Their chief lieutenants are rarely known and rarely available to the media or investors, and Musk’s courts dispute those of some other corporate captains. He picked up fights with securities analysts, smoked marijuana during an interview and was sued for fraud by securities regulators, claiming that he had “secured funds” to take the company private.

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He has also complained more than once that Tesla’s stock price is too high. But it has not hurt investors.

Tesla has increased that investor goodwill over the past decade with several secondary share offerings, up from $ 14 billion through February and another $ 5 billion in September. This has helped fund new vehicle development and rapidly expand manufacturing capacity.

Global aspirations


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