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Tesla Semi trapped cruisin & # 39; Cali

We're still a long way from Tesla selling its all-electric semi truck, but it's testing its trucks in the wild, and a narrow-eyed person caught a pretty solid video of the truck in action.

Brandon Camargo posted a video of Tesla Semi on his YouTube page. It's only 8 seconds, but maybe it's the best view of Tesla's cabin that has not come from Tesla. The video was filmed in Santa Clarita, California, north and west of Los Angeles.

While an expiration date is still in the air, Tesla's electric Semi looks pretty promising. With its larger battery, the Semi can reach a demand of 500 miles per charge. Inside, the driver sits in a central seating position flanked by large screens on either side of the steering wheel. And it turns out that it looks like a damn space ship, something that is always appreciated.

Companies have already approached the electric hype train. Tesla has received deposits in Semis from several companies, including DHL UPS Meijer and PepsiCo. Some of those orders can only be for positive press, deposits are probably reimbursable, but companies are ready to enter the realm of electric vehicle transport once the products are there.

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