Tesla releases new images of its battery cell production, seeks rent for new factories

Tesla has released a new video with new images of its battery cell production in Fremont, California, as it seeks to hire more people to replicate production lines at new factories in Germany and Texas.

Tesla 4680 Battery Cell

On its battery day in September 2020, Tesla unveiled its new 4680 battery cell and how it plans to manufacture a larger and tabless cell – something the automaker has not attempted to do before.

Although before Tesla became involved in the development of new battery cells, the automaker has always relied on suppliers such as Panasonic to produce cells for its electric vehicles.

But to create a larger cell format with more energy capacity and reduce costs, Tesla had to design new manufacturing processes and rethink the production of battery cells.

Unveiling its new cells, Tesla claimed that it would increase energy density five-fold and increase power six-fold, while reducing the cost per kWh by almost half.

Tesla Battery Production

At the event, Tesla confirmed that it was already producing small quantities of cells at a “pilot plant” in Fremont.

Although it is only a “pilot plant”, Tesla still aims to have an annual production capacity of 10 GWh at the facility, which will produce more cells than many battery factories worldwide.

The automaker aims to achieve this production capacity by the end of the year and use its knowledge on the line, which includes several new in-house manufacturing machines designed by Tesla, which will be built in new factories with much larger battery-cell-production Deploy capacity. .

As we mentioned earlier, Gigafactory Berlin should be Tesla’s first site of full-blown 4680 battery cell production.

Tesla is currently planning to deploy 250 GWh Battery-cell-production capacity at the factory.

Now Tesla has released new images of battery cell production at its pilot factory in Fremont:

With the new images, Tesla is promoting its hiring minisite for battery manufacturing, and it encourages people to apply for new jobs in both Berlin and Texas, where Tesla produces new battery cells Also planning to do.

The automaker writes:

To achieve the transition to sustainable energy, we must produce more affordable EVs and energy storage, while building factories faster and with less investment. Key to this is terawatt-scale battery production and far more inexpensive battery cells.

Tesla Cell looks for a goal in engineering, construction, materials, equipment, and operational challenges, with the goal to form a “vertical team”.

Instead of posting job listings, Tesla encourages people to submit their resumes directly through that minisite.

However, we previously reported on Tesla to start a jobs list for its first full-scale battery cell factory.

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