Tesla petitioned over speed-performance concerns raised by auto safety regulators

Tesla filed a petition with US auto safety regulators stating that 612,000 vehicles produced since 2012 do not fully comply with federal safety standards because demonstrations can be switched to only metric measurements from miles per hour , Documents released Friday show.

However, the automaker asked the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to declare the non-compliance issue illegal for safety, according to the agency’s filing.

Tesla said it fixed the production problem in September and that more than 75 percent of American vehicles have accepted firmware updates released in September.

Tesla said that if vehicles are only displayed for kilometers, all functions tied to speed limits such as Traffic Aware Cruise Control and Speed ​​Assist “convert the mapped data to mph / km, resulting in vehicle speed Automatically corresponds to the appropriate speed limit. “

Tesla said vehicle operators can change performance per hour to mph, adding that the option is “easily located in the display menu and not buried in the sub-menu.”

Tesla said it had not received any reports of accidents related to the issue and mentioned that the NHTSA had given two petitions in July for BMW and in October 2015 for Volkswagen AG for inconsistent treatment involving speedometer unit display nonclamps.


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