Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) – Video: Woman races behind Tesla Model 3 without driver in Smart Summon mode

Though Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) has shown an increase in sales every year, many people are not familiar with the autonomous driving capabilities of the automaker.

When driving the car on autopilot, owners should always pay attention. But Tesla’s Smart Summon feature allows the vehicle to drive completely alone, without a person in the driver’s seat, and find the owner anywhere in the parking lot.

A story shared by Electrek shows an instance where Smart Summon caught someone off guard.

“Thyhack” on YouTube shares a sentinel video of a woman chasing a smart summon car.

You can see in the video that the vehicle cautiously exits its parking space and proceeds to drive alongside two other parked cars.

Since no one was in the driver’s seat, the woman thought the car was a folding bed.

The poster shares that the woman was embarrassed, but he thinks it’s very nice of her to try to help.

After all, if you knew nothing of Tesla’s autonomous driving skills, what would you think of seeing a car go by with no one in it?

The woman tried to press the left front pillar to stop the car. When he saw this, the Tesla owner stopped the smart call and thanked the woman.

Overall, no damage was done and the Tesla owner returned to his partially summoned car.

As Tesla and other companies develop an autonomous driving suite, people will have to get used to seeing self-driving cars. Until then, we can expect similar fun scenarios to happen.

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