Tesla Model Y Quality Update September 2020: Is it an improvement in the end?

We’ve said it many times, and we’ll say it again, it’s hard to know what to believe when it comes to Tesla quality issues overall. This is because there are people who love Tesla so much they will lie to protect the company, and there are people who hate Tesla so they will lie to destroy it. With that, after all we’ve seen and heard, it’s safe to say that Tesla’s quality, fit and finish, and service are inconsistent.

Could you have a problem with the Tesla Model Y? Undoubtedly. Can you end up with any car issues? Undoubtedly. Is there any chance that you can distribute the gem free from any problem, due to which you feel that people are doing all this? Undoubtedly.

We challenge you to see many cars of different brands. We bet you will discover some fit and finish issues. At the same time, you could see a Tesla Model Y up close which is absolutely true. You can find another Model Y created during the same timeframe and find all kinds of weirdness.

Bearded tesla cow Tesla monitors quality concerns with the Model Y over time. This latest video gives you some ideas of what you can expect. If you are taking delivery of the car and it is not meeting your standards, then demand that the vehicle manufacturer fix it or ask for another car. It is not important to be in a rush and just settle for less than the best.

Watch the video to see the issues for yourself. Also, let us know if you have taken delivery of Tesla. was it right? almost perfect? Accident? Do you think Tesla has significant issues with quality control in the lineup, or are these just a concern? If they are unilateral issues due to incompatibility with quality control, do you consider it a problem?