Tesla Model Y Diary Day 3: Installing $ 320 Tow Hitch

This is an ongoing diary of my Model Y purchasing experience. Day 1 and Day 2.

One reason I did not worry too much about the panel lag on my Model Y was that I was going to disassemble the entire back end to install a 3rd party tow hitch. I would rather Tesla obviously not, but their tow hitches were not available with the delivery of my car. They are now available to order.

What is my hurry? We are going to Vermont by the end of this week and we want to bring bikes …

I went with a popular 3rd party tow hitch from Torklift that cost $ 322, which was equivalent to a quarter of the price of a Tesla. Tesla’s tow package comes with NA 7-pin standard connector for electric / lights and takes advantage of its tow mode software so that the apples don’t compare to the apples at all. It also comes installed which is a big plus. But I’m only using the hitch for the bike so Tesla’s package is probably overkill.

Model Y Tow Hitch Install of Torklift

Torklift’s’ EcoHitch ™ shipped by FedEx Ground in about a week and arrived a few days before my Model Y. It is heavy at around 35 pounds. And lifting it shows why Tesla didn’t make it a standard feature. This adds some extra weight to the car which only some people may find valuable.

The process of unloading the rear end of the car, including the bumper, was very scary, especially since it was a new car. Torklift’s instructions were a poorly Xeroxed 14-page instruction guide that left much to be desired. His sped-up YouTube video did not help completely either.

Fortunately there were already some good YouTube videos (1, 2) that helped connect the dots.

I broadcast within myself Rich records And went to work yesterday afternoon. My dad’s tools were mostly fine for work, but I recommend you get 5/8 were or 15mm Deep Socket for pulling heavy-bolt on the inside bumper. I went to the hardware store last night and grabbed it for a long time with a strong socket wrench for $ 30.

You may also want to put the Model Y on the jack. I was not, but it would have been nice to have some more room when removing the bottom screws.

It took me about 4 hours in total, but if I had to redo what I learned, I could probably complete it in 1.5–2 hours. I didn’t do a video because you can already see people on YouTube above and not see my silly mistakes. But here are some massacres:

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