Tesla Model S based on fresh new roadster – Dope or Nope?

Tesla recently brought a small design refresh for the Model 3, but a larger refresh is believed to be coming to the Model S program.

Now someone tried to imagine what it would look like based on the new roadster.

Dope or not?

Tesla first brought the Model S back to market in 2012.

The electric sedan has been updated over the years, but design-wise, it has remained mostly unchanged since 2016.

In the automotive industry, it is refreshing to have a design every 4 years or so since a long vehicle program.

While this hasn’t changed much design-wise, Tesla has introduced several significant performance improvements over the past few years in the Model S.

Despite those particular bumps, sales of the Model S have not been doing very well over the years and many believe that a design refresh will help the program.

Back in 2018, we reported on Tesla working on an important interior design refresh that was planned for the summer of 2019.

This refresh was delayed as Tesla concentrated all of its resources on the production of the Model 3.

The automaker is now in a much better position and may eventually be preparing to live more lives in the Model S program.

French EV website Automobile Proper decided to see what the Tesla Model S design refresh would look like if it was based on the new roadster design.

Here are some renders he posted on his website:

What do you think about design? Let us know in the comment section below.

Electrac’s tech

I think the Model S is overdue for an important design refresh and I wouldn’t be surprised that it is coming ahead of the launch of the Model Plaid next year.

Tesla plans to bring its new structural battery pack design to the Model S plaid.

This is a significant change in platform design and I expect Tesla to make many changes to the vehicle to do that job.

It makes sense for Tesla that she could also take the opportunity to make a design update inside and out.

I like front fascia in those sung. You can see the similarities with the new Roadster and I think it transfers well to a larger sedan.

However, I am not a fan of the way they have integrated side cameras and I think the indentations around each side are very clear.

As for the interior, I think it would be closer to the renderers we got from Tesla just 2 years ago from a Model 3 / Y interior with a different steering wheel.

But I think it is clear that Tesla will change the center display horizontally.

What do you think Let us know in the comment section below.

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