Tesla Model 3 Shines In Portugal, But Nissan LEAF Wins H1 2019 Sales


The plug-in electric car market in Portugal continues to grow at an accelerated pace this year, which, as in many other countries, occurs as general car sales are declining.

In June, sales amounted to 1,263 (up to 75% year after year) in 5% market share, not far from the record of 1,283 in March.

The first half of the year closed with 5,988 (up to 58% year after year) to an average of 4.7% market share. The majority of sales are now BEV (64% YTD).

Sale of plug-in electric cars in Portugal – June 2019

The range of the model reveals the strong position of the Nissan LEAF, but the Tesla Model 3 also works well with a record increase in March (315), followed by another in June (275).

The first three models are:

Sales of plug-in electric cars in Portugal - June 2019 (Source: EV Sales Blog)

Source: EV Sales Blog

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