Tesla Model 3 registrations outperform rivals in California

(Reuters) – Tesla's Model 3 sedan recorded more records in California than its BMW 3-Series clbad rivals and Mercedes C-Clbad in the first quarter, according to a report from the New Car Dealer Association of California ( CNCDA). Model 3 registrations totaled 3,723, or 14.3 percent of the near-luxury segment, compared to 3,323 for the Mercedes variant and 3,260 for the BMW model, the CNCDA report said.

PHOTO OF THE ARCHIVE: A Model 3 Tesla is seen in a showroom in Los Angeles, California, USA. UU January 12, 2018. REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson / File Photo

Tesla began delivering Model 3 to customers in December 2017. California is a key market for global luxury vehicle brands not only because of their size, but because other markets often follow the trends set by wealthy consumers in the state.

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