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Tesla Model 3 Long Range is great, but not quite perfect – Video

[MUSIC] What you're seeing is the most anticipated car of all time.
With more than half a million pre-orders, the Tesla Model 3 has attracted the interest of more people around the world than any other car in history.
Get to the market with a wave of exaggeration different from everything I've seen since the glorious days of the launch of the bombastic iPhone.
[MUSIC] That alone is great news, but the expectation around Tesla's most affordable car is still only the beginning.
[MUSIC] [MUSIC] What you see is not just a car.
This marks the turning point for tesla.
It moves from the niche to the mass market.
The company has already captured the hearts and minds of millions, but now it also needs to capture its wallets.
So join me and find out if the legendary $ 35,000 electric car that Elon Musk has promised us for so long is up to its full potential.
But there is a warning that I need to get out of the way first.
This car costs $ 57,000.
Yes, the base 3 model starts at just $ 35,000, but if you got up early enough to get one of the first previous orders and can order your car now, you'll have to step up a little.
Only the $ 44,000 long-range car is available now, rated for 310 miles with a charge.
The base car has a healthy 220.
Then add the premium 5000 package for things like heated seats and tinted windows, which you'll want.
Add another 5000 for autopilot, 1500 for wheels, 1000 for red paint.
And a final destination charge of $ 1000 and gets the final price of our test car of $ 57,500.
The good news is that all those prices are before the state and federal EV incentives that should save you at least $ 7500.
At least two of those disappear.
So, instead of Chevy buying money from EV, we are actually talking about the money from the five BMW series or we equipped the E-hybrid 330 very well.
That is an important context to keep in mind as we talk about what makes this car special. It is very special.
Starting from how you unlock it.
This is not an AMX Centurion Black card.
Roadshow does not pay so well.
This is the key.
Touch here as such.
The car unlocks.
Now, using this means that there is no proper QS input, but the car can also be linked to your phone via bluetooth.
When you approach, the car unlocks automatically AND gives you access to this interior, which is also unique.
Calling this Spartan space would be an ironic understatement.
The interior of Model 3 has been reduced to its essential elements, although whether in the name of design, purity or cost reduction depends on whether you are a Tesla optimist or a pessimist.
In spite of everything, the resulting simplicity creates an incredibly open, Zen-like atmosphere.
I almost hope to smell the incense every time I sit down.
The glass roof magnifies that feeling.
And although I worry about very sunny days, Model X dye does a good job of keeping things cool.
And I hope you do the same here.
The glass also adds space for the head and, although the load capacity has been reduced a little compared to the larger sedan, 15 cubic feet compared to the S 30 models, there are two cubic feet more than in a BMW 3 Series.
Place the seats down for acres of space and although I would like it to be a suitable rear window, the curious opening of the trunk is large enough to accommodate most pieces of cargo without problems.
But to really experience the most controversial part, we have to look more closely at that board.
When the Model S hit the market, its vertically oriented 17-inch screen was a revolution, but that's nothing compared to the complete reinvention we have here in Model 3. Now we have this 15-inch landscape-oriented screen. And basically nothing else.
I do not even have a set of indicators behind the wheel.
Everything is on this screen, including the speedometer, which is shown in the upper left corner.
Now, model three is not the first car with this central speedometer mounted.
In fact, the mini had one about 60 years ago.
Generally, they are protected by some kind of shroud, instead we have this high reflectivity screen that can be a bit difficult to read in direct sunlight.
But the biggest problem is the frequency with which you must explore all these menus.
I want to adjust the speed of the windshield wipers, for example, I have to do it here.
Let me give you an example, but if you want to change the adaptive cruise control tracking distance, touch the vehicle configuration, enter autopilot and then press more or less on the screen.
In the S model or the X model there is a specific reservation in the lower left, so it is really easy to change.
That, I think, is a big step back.
But there is a lot to talk about here, we have actually filmed a separate video with a deep dive of the whole interface of model 3.
You will want to check it.
Once it is in motion, the left side of the screen is dominated by autopilot feedback with a speedometer placed on top.
As close to your line of vision as possible and is not really far from the road.
You'll get used to it quickly, but having to constantly get close to adjusting things like cruise control becomes very annoying very quickly.
While the driving quality may not be up to BMW standards, that addictive torque and acceleration response makes The Model Three [UNKNOWN] the only car you want to drive and drive.
And with 310 miles of barrel range, you could go quite far.
Do not use too much of that torque, and it will burn that charge pretty fast.
Drive sensibly, however, and you should not have it. Do not have to spend too much time waiting for Superchargers, which by the way, you now have to pay.
The charge does not come free with a Model 3, but with a tank full of electrons that costs around $ 10, it is much cheaper than gas.
And what about the legendary Tesla car drivers?
Model 3 has eight cameras plus radar and ultrasound sensors.
And they give you an adaptive bulletproof cruiser and one of the best rail centering systems on the market.
On the road, at least, where it will even change lanes for you.
However, on secondary roads like these, the automatic steering system remains unreliable at best.
[MUSIC] With everything that is talked about inside and screens, we can finally move on to the best part of Model 3 and that's how it works.
This car is very, very funny.
With a time of 0 to 60 in the range of 5 seconds, it is very, very fast offline and very, very attractive.
But the most interesting is the management.
This is a lighter car than the Model S. It is definitely more sensitive and we have a smaller steering wheel with a sharper steering too, which makes you feel very receptive when rounding the curves.
It is not a pure car, it is not a sports car exactly.
And if I have to choose any nit is that finally it is not the same driving quality as a BMW 3 Series, but in general it is very fun.
[MUSIC] I feel like I could keep talking about the Model 3 for days, and I think that's part of the charm of this car.
It just feels so different than any other sedan on the market, even the Model S. And although the different is sometimes good, and the different sometimes is not so good, if you can deal with the occasionally awkward interface, if you can Keep your phone is charged, and if you do not have to get too far away from the super charger network, the Model 3 is really worth the wait.

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