Tesla Inc. Stock falls on Monday, which weakens the market

Tesla Inc. TSLA shares
With the NASDAQ Composite Index comp proving 2.01% to $ 430.83 Monday, an almost all trading session for the stock market.
Falling 1.65% to 11,478.88 and Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA,
Fell 1.44% to 28,195.42. This was the third day of consecutive losses. Tesla Inc. closed the $ 71.66 decrease of its 52-week high ($ 502.49), which the company reached on September 1.

The stock performed mixed compared to some of its competitors on Monday, as did Ford Motor Company F.
General Motors Company GM, down 1.04% at $ 7.59
Fell 0.30% to $ 33.35, and NIO Inc. ADR NIO,
Fell 2.98% to $ 27.63. Trading volume (35.7 M) was below 36.9 million of its 50-day average of 72.6 M.

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