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Tesla hires the social media manager of Elon Musk's favorite museum

An "absolute unit" of an Exmoor Horn ram from 1926 may have helped a social network director at the relatively unknown British museum to shoot at the Internet's fame.

It all started in April, when Elon Musk, in the midst of his fight with US prosecutors for his use of Twitter, responded to an MIT Technology Review article with a picture of a sheep originally tweeted by the Museum of English Rural Life. that he was also an absolute unit.

The interactions became even stranger when Musk and the Museum exchanged Twitter avatars, and the museum changed its name to "Musk-eum".

Now, more than a month later, Adam Koszary, the man behind the museum's viral fame, says he was hired by Tesla to run the company's social networks starting in July.

Tesla did not answer the Business Insider question about the job offer.

The work means that Koszary will leave the heritage sector, he added in a follow-up tweet, "but, I need to be able to pay for a house at some point," he said.

MIT's Technology Review account was added to the praise, asking Musk, who had not tweeted in more than 48 hours on Tuesday, if they could get a referral bonus.

It is not clear that KoszaryThe role in the automaker will be and the company's press department did not respond immediately to a request for feedback from Business Insider.

In recent weeks, however, Tesla's official Twitter account has been more active than usual. He has also been tweeting with more frankness and humor, following many companies that have resorted to strange jokes to improve their game on social networks.

"The final game for all of our Twitter," Koszary told the BBC at the time of the meetings with Musk, "is to involve people with English rural life, even if that means memes."

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