Tesla hires a man who tweeted a viral sheep meme that caught the attention of CEO Elon Musk


The man responsible for tweeting the viral meme of the sheep that caught the eye of Elon Musk and that prompted the CEO of Tesla to briefly change his profile picture from Twitter to the photo now has a new job with the automotive company.

Adam Koszary, who led the social media campaigns for the Museum of Rural Life in English (MERL) in Berkshire, UK, announced on Twitter on Tuesday that he will be Tesla's new social media manager in July.

"So I have more news: I'm not moving to the Royal Academy anymore. Instead, I'll be Tesla's social media manager starting in July, "Koszary wrote on Twitter.

Social media connoisseur Koszary probably caught Tesla's attention in April, when he posted on Twitter a picture of a sheep and subtitled it: "Look at this absolute unity."


The tweet went viral and led Musk to change his profile picture from Twitter to the sheep. Musk, who only follows 84 people on Twitter, also started tracking the museum's account.

"Excuse me, @elonmusk, but what," Koszary wrote from MERL's Twitter account when he heard about the maneuver. He continued with another publication: "Can we put a sheep in space in a car now? It's 2019." Koszary went a step further and changed the profile picture of the museum to Musk.

Koszary, who left his position working for Museums Partnership Reading shortly after the viral meme in April to join the Royal Academy of Arts as a social media editor, said in a question and answer session that he would exchange Twitter identities with the CEO of Tesla for a day was "surreal". . "


"Sitting in a small townhouse in Reading, tweeting like a museum that pretended to be a multi-millionaire, was surreal, but surprisingly easy and a fun way to spend half the Easter break." He posts strange things, we publish strange things, it's a good option, except for how we recognize the unions and he does not, "Koszary told the Association of Museums.

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