Tesla electric semi-trailer starts at $ 150,000, reserves now live


The Tesla Semi, the automotive's all-electric transport truck, will retail for $ 150,000 for a version with a 300-mile range, and will also be available in a $ 180,000 version with a 500-mile range. Interested parties can pre-order them with a base reservation price of $ 20,000 or, if they want a "Founder's Series", they can obtain one for $ 200,000, with the total balance owed for a reservation among the first in line to obtain one of the initial 1,000 Semis of production.

This price, recently revealed through the Tesla website, is really incredibly competitive when compared to the costs of diesel trucks. Basic-level diesel trucks cost around $ 100,000, and Tesla promises cost savings of more than $ 200,000 over the life of the truck, based on fuel and electricity consumption vs. diesel.

Tesla also touts the performance benefits of its Semi, including a 20 second time from 0 to 60 mph with a load of 80,000 lb connected, and the ability to drive a 5% grade to 65 mph, which is much more fast than is possible in an equivalent diesel that hauls the same cargo. The Semi also boasts industry-leading safety features, according to Tesla, which include a total jackknife disability, enhanced Autopiilot features and glbad designed to withstand even the most severe impacts.

These are the base prices, so the additional features or packages could increase the final cost of the purchase, but we still do not know the configuration options that Tesla will offer in the vehicle, which is pointing to an initial launch period sometime in 2019.

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