Tesla CEO Elon Musk criticized Waymo’s autonomous technology on Twitter

Elon Musk does not think the driverless cars of the Waymo have the right accessories.

Tesla’s CEO resorted to Twitter to criticize the autonomous driving technology of its Google-owned competitor as it announced plans to deploy vehicles without backup safety drivers to its Phoenix-area ride-hailing service.

Waymo uses Chrysler Pacifica Hybrids and Jaguar I-Pace electric utility vehicles equipped with its self-driving technology. (Lady Sokolow / Picture Alliance via Getic Image)

“We are concerned about our ability to meet demand with the vehicle capabilities we have right now,” CEO John Krafic told reporters to discuss the temporary test.

Waymo is developing its Waymo driver system in a digitally mapped 50-square-mile area around the city of Arizona and plans to re-engage drivers in a few weeks as it expands the coverage area.

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Wymo’s CEO John Krafik, with his own tweet, highlighted the news that the cars contained label photos warning drivers to keep the wheel off and let the computer work.

Responding to a follower calling Waymo’s system “fragile” due to its reliance on maps, Musk responded that “our new system is capable of driving in places we haven’t even seen once.”

Musk was referring to Tesla’s full self-driving system, which is an $ 8,000 option on the company’s model, but has yet to be named. Its functionality is currently limited to the ability to self-drive a car at low speeds through parking to pick up an owner using some assisted highway driving and a smartphone app.

Musk, however, reiterated a previous promise that more advanced capabilities would be added before the end of this year.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.