Tesla Autopilot team loses several more engineers as Elon Musk takes over

Now we are getting more information about the restructuring of the Tesla autopilot team that began in April, as a new report lists several autopilot engineers who have left the automaker.

The report comes from Information and is based on a previous report from Electrek back in may.

We report that Tesla was restructuring its autopilot software team and Elon Musk was taking the reins.

Here is the original report:

"According to people familiar with the matter who spoke with Electrek, Stuart Bowers, vice president of Autopilot Software, saw how several of his responsibilities were eliminated and the people under his command were promoted and now they will report directly to Musk.

Among the people being promoted, Milan Kovac, a software engineer who held several positions in Tesla's autopilot team for the past 3 years, was promoted to Director of Software Engineering of Autopilot at Tesla.

Several other top autopilot engineers have been dismissed and others have been promoted as part of this restructuring. We will update as more information becomes available. "

Now Information He has reported more details about the reorganization, including some of the engineers who left and others who were promoted.

Engineers of autopilot that left Tesla in the reorganization:

  • Frank Havlak: a 5-year veteran of autopilot who directed the controls and route planning:
  • Nenad Uzunovic: member of the road planning team for 2 and a half years.
  • Drew Steedly: who led the perception in Tesla's autopilot team
  • Ben Goldstein: a software engineer who led the simulation team at Tesla and now took a similar role at GM Cruise

They also reported on some engineers who have been promoted or have badumed some of the responsibilities of the aforementioned engineers who are no longer in Tesla.

As we reported earlier, Kovac got the biggest promotion, but Information He also reported on:

  • Ashok Elluswamy: a 5-year veteran on autopilot who now leads the "perception" and computational vision teams.
  • CJ Moore: also a veteran of the 5-year Tesla autopilot team who took the lead in the simulation program
  • Drew Baglino: a long-time Tesla engineering executive with several different responsibilities took over road planning

Tesla did not comment on our original report on the latest restructuring of the autopilot team and did not comment Information Follow.

Shot of Electrek

As mentioned in our previous report on this situation, it seems that Elon got rid of people who did not agree with their schedule to achieve fully autonomous vehicles by the end of next year.

It is an extremely aggressive timeline in which the entire industry doubts, but the CEO has been pushing hard for the past year.

Lately, the company even doubled the idea and made it the main point of sale for Tesla vehicles; that can be upgraded to a fully autonomous capacity.

It is important that Tesla complies with the characteristic since Tesla is currently selling cars with the promise that its owners will be able to update them with full self-driving capacity through a simple software update (for cars manufactured since April 2019) and even a computer update (for cars built since October 2016).

If Tesla does not deliver the critical capacity, which has safety and regulatory problems, it will be in trouble with hundreds of thousands of owners.

Keeping this in mind, it is not hard to imagine how you can create tension within the team if there are disagreements about the timeline.

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